Wednesday, 2013-02-27

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prpplaguekoenkooi: gonna frame this one -
koenkooiI look way too tired on those elc pictures02:07
prpplaguekoenkooi: you always look tired now that you work for cco02:10
prpplaguekoenkooi: hehe02:10
prpplaguekoenkooi: i've downloaded linux builds for a half dozen e640 eval modules02:11
prpplaguekoenkooi: every one is shipping with a 2.6 kernel and meego02:11
prpplaguekoenkooi: yea i look wicked there02:13
prpplaguekoenkooi: like i just put dish soap in someones drink02:14
* prpplague needs to loose some weight02:14
prpplaguekoenkooi: i've not found a single place i can order a E640 based dev board, everyone wants you to fill in a questionare for a quote02:15
koenkooiI have a spare fri2, but it's across the pond02:18
prpplagueyea i want something with lvds02:19
koenkooifri2 has those on the AV connector02:19
koenkooithe dual-hdmi board plugs into that connector02:19
prpplaguewmat says that mranostay has a spare fri202:19
koenkooiyou might find out what the "from my cold dead hands" is about :)02:28
prpplaguekoenkooi: i found some qseven modules at mouser02:31
prpplaguekoenkooi: why haven't you guys gotten some of those as a reference design?02:31
koenkooidunno, maybe different chipsets02:33
koenkooiand we had a queenbay02:34
koenkooiinternet the hotel is 4-8x faster than at the office02:34
prpplaguekoenkooi: they still have a queensbay at the officE?02:35
koenkooiI think so02:35
koenkooiit's the square yard of PCB taking up Raos desk02:36
prpplaguekoenkooi: i am going to see if clint will order this
prpplaguekoenkooi: if not i'll get it myself02:42
koenkooiI think I know why audio doesn't work03:03
koenkooiI can't find references to the AIC3104 codec in the hda section of the kernel03:04
prpplaguekoenkooi: fun fun05:02
prpplaguekoenkooi: i found a E6xx netbook in the attic05:03
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av500who put people in my channel?10:10
dm8tbrhehe, and suddenly activity11:06
* av500 thought he could sleep here11:07
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* koenkooi yawns14:33
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koenkooidavest: good morning!14:43
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prpplaguedvhart: ran across that last night17:28
prpplaguedvhart: adds a little more detail on the lvds backlight controls17:29
prpplaguedvhart: but not much17:29
prpplaguedvhart: still digging17:29
dvhartok - any idea if we can get away without SUS[0:4] :17:29
prpplagueso far it looks like we can do it without using those, my only concern is i need to find out if LVDS_CTL_MODE is automatically enabled and/or required when the LVDS interface is enabled17:30
prpplagueso i need to find some more detailed docs on that17:30
prpplaguedvhart: ordering one of these today -
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dvhartprpplague, saw your email on that - means I don't have to hunt down a shell bay, one thing off the list. awesome17:41
dvhartprpplague, do you suspect the missing functionality (from the EMGD driver?) will be a problem for people?17:42
prpplaguedvhart: no, not from a linux side of things17:44
dvhartbecause there is backlight control in that horrendous config spec17:44
dvhartfor xorg, for example17:44
prpplaguedvhart: those items are normally not handled on the SoC from an ARM perspective, so there are generic infrastructure in the kernel and such17:45
prpplaguedvhart: i definetly need to do some testing to make sure17:45
prpplaguekoenkooi: yea17:45
* dvhart wants to continue with the minnowboard platform driver, but will start getting the 3.8 recipe out.... just for koenkooi 17:46
prpplaguedvhart: my problem is lack of experience with the atom platform, so i'll need to hack around this dev board some to come up to speed on it17:46
prpplaguedvhart: should have some solid answers within a few days17:46
dvhartprpplague, glad to have you looking at it17:46
dvhartlee and I are trying to nail down changes to how we use GPIO, but that bit of information is crucial17:47
dvhartso we're going to have to wait on that17:47
prpplagueso as i understand it we are going with 2x5 header ?17:47
dvhartThat is the plan17:47
dvhartbut gettign 2 8bit sequences all from the same gpio chip is challenging17:47
dvhartespecially with contstraints like wake, suspend power, interrupts, etc17:48
prpplagueok, we'll need to make sure the placement for that is reviewed as we don't want it to interfere with the lure17:48
dvhartwe may need the expander as you suggested17:48
dvhartoh yes17:48
prpplagueyea that was kind of why i was pushing for an adapter board for the expansion header17:48
prpplaguedrop the 0.1" on the main board, and just make a small adapter board for the 2x50 header17:49
dvhartlee mentioned the expansion GPIO can be lower performance than the CPU or PCH GPIO17:49
dvhartI'm not experienced with that - any thoughts?17:49
koenkooimhz vs khz17:49
prpplaguedvhart: yea, you are limited to 400KHz communication17:49
dvhartif so, we can use the expander for the HWID (4 bits?)17:49
koenkooidepends on what you want to do17:49
dvhartand some other signals17:49
prpplaguedvhart: yea, for the hwid bits is fine17:49
koenkooiif you need 4MHz gpio, you're doing something wrong17:49
koenkooiif you want to reflash uEFI, there's a real SPI port on the expansion17:50
dvhartkoenkooi, ok, so you wouldn't be concerned with the "limitation" even for lure GPIO ?17:50
dvhartkoenkooi, that can be done from the board itself17:50
prpplagueyea no worries on the lure side per se17:50
koenkooilee wants to use a minnow to ubrick another minnow17:50
dvhartawesome, one less contrants17:50
koenkooihence the need for hi-speed gpio: bitbanging SPI17:50
dvhartkoenkooi, yeah.... from the minnow itself - no lure involved17:51
dvhartthat one we have covered17:51
prpplaguedvhart: the real key is if we could drop the 2x5 header off the main board, and just use a small adapter board for the 2x50, this makes things a lot easier for several reasons17:51
dvhartprpplague, ?17:51
dvhartseems to me people would appreciate some GPIO on the main board itself without having to purchase a lure17:52
dvhartyes/no ?17:52
zenlinuxI vote yes on that17:52
prpplaguedvhart: the lure for this case would be less than $1 so most likely we would ship one in the box17:52
dvhart(can I mention how awesome I think it is to be able to do this on public IRC?)17:53
prpplaguedvhart: it would be offset of the cost of putting it on the main board17:53
prpplaguedvhart: hehe17:53
zenlinuxif we can ship the board with a simple GPIO lure, that would be okay too17:53
prpplaguezenlinux: yea i already have it laid out17:53
dvhartmeh.... dongles, daughter cards, doohickies.... blah17:53
dm8tbrdvhart: I find that also pretty amazing as a lurker here :)17:53
dvhartdm8tbr, ;-)17:53
zenlinuxopen source hw ftw17:53
* dm8tbr didn't expect so much openness when it comes to intel involvement...17:53
dvhartbasic functionality out of the base board I think is an important feature17:54
prpplaguedvhart: yea i know you concern on the "dongles, daughter cards" , but we do want to push the lure concept17:54
dvhartdm8tbr, Intel's OTC has a very strong open source culture17:54
dvhartprpplague, hrm17:55
dvhartkoenkooi, your thoughts?17:55
dm8tbryeah, some OTC people I can basically see from my livingroom window17:55
koenkooiI'd go for the $1 lure in the box17:55
* dvhart is surprised17:55
dvhartlurkers? any preference here?17:55
dm8tbras Intel moved into a office building here in Tampere/Hervanta17:56
koenkooiI want LEDs and switched on the mainboard :)17:56
zenlinuxlet's just make sure if someone is using another lure they can still pop the GPIO lure on top of others17:56
dvhartkoenkooi, 2 of each OK? ;-)17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: yep already in consideration17:56
dvhartthat does simplify things17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: i've started a lure spec17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: A-Lure and B-Lure17:56
zenlinuxprpplague, really glad you're involved with this project now. :)17:56
koenkooidvhart: I'd like >2 LEDs, but I can live with 217:57
prpplaguezenlinux: A-Lures will support pass through17:57
prpplaguezenlinux: B-Lures do not17:57
koenkooilinux controlled LEDs17:57
dvhartkoenkooi, how many would you like?17:57
dm8tbrprpplague: as long as you don't get to the letter F with variants *badumtsh*17:57
prpplaguedm8tbr: hehe17:57
koenkooidvhart: I like having 4 on the beaglebone, more would be too hard to distinguish17:57
prpplaguedvhart: i already have a lure schematic done for a 5 button / 5 LED configuration17:57
dvhartkoenkooi, how about buttons?17:58
koenkooibut as prpplague pointed out to me, we can have a lure with a dozen rgb leds17:58
dvhartthose are harder as they interfere with the strapping lines17:58
koenkooiideally 5: left, right, up, down, enter17:58
koenkooibut 2 works as well, you can right the demo17:58
prpplaguedvhart: the key here is to keep whats actually on the main board to a min for what makes it usuable without a lure17:59
dvharta keypad and LEDs seems like a reasonable lure as well17:59
prpplaguedvhart: then have reasonable expansions17:59
prpplaguedvhart: one of the key factors that makes a dev board fail is people try to make it do everything for everyone17:59
prpplaguedvhart: and end up with some that is more of a frankenstein board17:59
dvhartprpplague, we are a bit tight on signals though, so we don't necessarily just get those lines over expansion because we didn't use them on the board18:00
prpplaguedvhart: we don;t need it18:00
dvhartagreed on that point18:00
prpplaguedvhart: i2c spi are all we need18:00
prpplaguedvhart: a few gpios, i2c, spi,18:00
prpplaguedvhart: we have plenty of example expansion18:00
prpplaguedvhart: right i meant for basic lures18:00
dvhartmaybe we can drop CAN and SMB ?18:01
prpplaguedvhart: the other items you meantion are much more robust18:01
koenkooiSMB as in SMBus?18:01
koenkooiif so, that's i2c :)18:01
prpplaguedvhart: smb can be used with i2c devices, so it is basically a secondary i2c device18:01
dvhartright, and yes (that's why) ?18:01
prpplaguedvhart: i have mixed feelings on the can18:01
* dvhart jumps on a call18:01
koenkooithe i2c spec is a bit widely defined18:01
prpplaguedvhart: CAN for the beagle and other boards have been largely ignored18:01
koenkooismbus fixes things to be more narrowly defined18:02
koenkooias long as I can get my quad gigE lure, I'm happy18:02
prpplaguekoenkooi: started looking at that last night18:03
dvhartprpplague, I like the idea of focusing things a bit more18:03
dvhartprpplague, allows us to raise the bar on the remaining interfaces18:04
prpplaguedvhart: i should have a more detail proposal on monday or tuesday with some mock ups18:04
koenkooiand we need a simple lure with an eeprom to figure out the acpio ssdt stuff18:36
prpplaguekoenkooi: already have that on the beacon lure18:40
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prpplaguekoenkooi: headed your way18:40
koenkooibacon lure?18:40
prpplaguekoenkooi: indeed18:40
koenkooiprpplague: ETA?18:41
* koenkooi needs to find a lunch buddy18:41
prpplague20 minutes18:41
koenkooiwanna do lunch?18:41
prpplagueafter talking to Bank of America, a liquid lunch sounds great! hehehe18:41
prpplaguekoenkooi: sure no indian or thia18:42
koenkooiI'm buying, you pick something18:42
* prpplague will ponder on the way to CCO18:42
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koenkooizenlinux: do you remember the outcome of the discussion for including things like mp3 codecs in the default rootfs?18:48
zenlinuxkoenkooi, I'm not sure - all I recall is digging up the requirements for shipping w/ EMGD19:00
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zenlinuxShould I be able to use micro SDXC cards with UHS Speed Class 1 on the Minnow?23:00
zenlinuxI'm going to place an order for a few memory cards, wondering if I can do better than Class 1023:01
koenkooithey are supposed to be backward compatible23:05
koenkooiit's mostly about being formatted with exFAT23:06
koenkooidata on the ethernet bus23:10
koenkooiso the next step is to get an EFI build that sets the MAC address23:11
koenkooithe linux driver gets upset if the MAC is all zeros23:11
koenkooiUSB and ARM ethernet drivers will just use a random address in that case23:11
* koenkooi isn't sure which is better23:11
zenlinuxnice, so ethernet is fixed?23:11
zenlinuxhow about audio?23:12
koenkooidarren and I are sorting out who gets to do the shouting23:12
koenkooithe board has a codec that isn't supported in linux23:12
koenkooiif there's no list of preferred codecs, darren gets to yell23:12
koenkooiif there is a list and we ignored it, I get to yell23:13
dvhartkoenkooi, I have a "fix" for that in the sys940x BSP in meta-intel23:14
dvhartkoenkooi, for minnow I would prefer EFI setup a proper MAC23:15
dvhartbut if you want something that works now, the mechanism exists23:15
koenkooilet me know about the "fix" so I can test the hw23:15
dvhartkoenkooi, finishing merging in 3.8 and emgd1.1623:15
dvharthow about I just include it in the meta-minnow update I'm making now?23:15
dvhartkoenkooi, but it's here:
dvhartmy related kernel patch has been in since early 3.x23:17
koenkooithat works for me23:17
koenkooiI can test that tomorrow morning23:17
dvhartok, I'll pull it in23:17
dvhartand congrats on the ETH traffic!23:18
koenkooiI'm warming up to EFI test code23:24
koenkooieven if they are all evil binary only blobs23:24
dvhartkoenkooi, please let Lee know you would like sources!23:29
dvhartdifferent worlds, if you want something, please communicate it23:29
dvhart(and I agree whole heartedly of course ;-)23:29
dvhartanyone know of a good web irc client?23:29
dvhart ?23:30
koenkooithat works23:30
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koenkooinot sure if you'd call it good23:30
dvhartweblook it's me!23:30
* koenkooi <3 znc23:30
dvhartkoenkooi, this isn't for me :_)23:30
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dvharttrying to get Lee in here so he can see stuff like ethernet starting to work23:32
koenkooiso 'ifconfig hw ether something" should work23:33
koenkooilooking at the genmac thing23:33
dvhartit just sets it up automatically and reuses the same mac on reboot23:34
dvhartranpwd generates a VALID MAC address23:34
dvhartsee recipes-extended in the same meta dir23:35
dvhartI'm pulling in emgd-1.16 and building, fixing issues, then will push. Could be some time, but I'm working as quickly as I can23:35
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dvhartok, bs is building minnow with 3.8 and 1.16 and genmac23:53
* dvhart hugs bs23:53
dvhart(and yes, I just like saying the name ;-)23:54
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dvhartkoenkooi, it includes GEN_RTC and HPET as well23:57
dvharthey Lee__23:57
dvhartkoenkooi, set off to do some more ethernet testing with your UEFI tools at 15:3323:58
dvhartI've set him up with some tooling to deal with the missing physical address (MAC)23:59
dvhartuntil we have the firmware support you and I discussed earlier23:59
dvhartso that shouldn't prevent OS testing23:59

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