Thursday, 2013-02-28

* prpplague boots up his new adlink E640 kit00:06
dvhartthat was fast!00:07
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dvhartHi Krau_00:08
Krau_Hello Dvhart00:08
* prpplague doesn't mess around00:09
prpplaguedvhart: the ethernet and audio codec stuff is different than the minnow00:10
prpplaguedvhart: but it should give me a platform to test lvds00:10
prpplagueLee__: good bye00:10
dvhartsee you Lee__00:10
Krau_bye lee00:10
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dvhartprpplague, excellent00:10
dvhartprpplague, I suspect it uses SUS[0:4] thought00:10
prpplaguedvhart: yea it has them on the headers00:10
* zenlinux orders a bunch of parts for a robotics demo00:11
dvhartI'm concerned that the CPU will try to drive them when in LVDS mode, so I'm not sure how we can make use of the lines00:11
prpplaguedvhart: but from the windows image i booted it doesn't look like it is using them to do actually pwm the backlight00:11
prpplaguedvhart: yea that is my concern as well00:11
prpplaguedvhart: i haven't been able to find any open docs that give much details on that00:11
dvhartprpplague, you might need to install the EMGD driver and configuration tool and muck with that (in Windows)00:11
prpplaguedvhart: i am hope'n you guys can get to some internal resources for that00:11
* prpplague has to come up to speed on x8600:12
prpplaguei have done an x86 in a decade, hehe00:12
dvhartok, I've got some building to wait for, so going to take advantage of the window to drive home.00:13
dvhartback later00:13
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*** yocti sets mode: +o zenlinux00:16
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prpplagueugh this board is a monster00:25
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davestrawr - monster !00:33
prpplaguedavest: have you seen this thing?00:34
davestwhich one?00:34
davestah the typical CRB.00:35
prpplague*cough* Crappy Retail Board?00:35
davest"Customer Reference Board" - can you guess why Minnow might be a really good idea?00:36
prpplaguedavest: yea one reason i picked this up00:36
prpplaguedavest: have you trolled any of the E6xx board retailers as an individual to purchase a board?00:36
prpplaguedavest: funny enough, the only company that called me today to see if they could get my business was a company from tawain, none of the US retailers even bothered calling me00:38
prpplaguedavest: ordered one of those00:40
prpplaguedavest: the guy said he'd sell me one, but usually they sell in boxes of 10 for $519 per unit00:40
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koenkooigood morning all14:34
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koenkooidvhart: 3.8.1 is out :p16:07
koenkooiwith the versatile fix, among other things16:07
dvhartkoenkooi, we'll pull that in in due course16:08
dvhartit's part of our normal process16:08
dvhartright now we're struggling with a danny/3.8 incompatibility issue16:08
dvhartand it's what is holding up me up pushing this out :/16:08
dvhartzedd is helping me working through it16:08
koenkooilibc headers or real kernel headers?16:09
koenkooiI still use 3.old libc headers for danny16:09
prpplaguekoenkooi: do you have a narcissus build you have been using with the minnow?16:10
prpplaguekoenkooi:  no reason i shouldn't be able to use a generic x86 32bit build for a rootfs?16:19
koenkooitoo old a release16:19
koenkooijust have hieu make a copy of the M218 sd card16:20
dvhartkoenkooi, using old libc headers to avoid that issue. There are some other incompatibilities as well, hoping to have that resolved by today.16:20
koenkooiI'm using 3.8.x for beaglebone on the danny branch and I haven't noticed problems related to that16:21
prpplaguedvhart: just got a call from one of the vendors that i contacted about an E640 board16:33
prpplaguedvhart: they want $3500 for the board and i have to purchase a support package ranging from $500 to $10,00016:34
prpplaguetotally insane16:34
dvhartkoenkooi, yeah, I can give you the gory details later if you like16:34
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koenkooidvhart: sure16:52
* dvhart heads to meeting #216:53
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prpplaguekoenkooi: i'll be there shortly17:08
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prpplaguedvhart: ping22:54
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