Friday, 2013-03-01

koenkooiok, I'm back00:18
prpplaguekoenkooi: or front00:18
prpplaguekoenkooi: no one injured?00:18
koenkooionly clay pidgeons00:23
prpplagueoh the horror00:26
prpplaguei have ubuntu booting with a custom kernel now on the board00:26
prpplaguewith lvds display00:27
koenkooiwe need to teach to stop using the shuttleboy stuff and switch to a real linux00:28
prpplagueyea yea00:28
prpplagueit was an easy image to test with00:28
prpplaguenow i have to figure out what "magic" needs to happen on minnow to do the same00:28
prpplaguekoenkooi: are their any uefi entries for enabling the lvds display?00:30
koenkooiI don't know00:32
koenkooithat's a dvhart question :)00:32
prpplaguedvhart is headed home, bbiab00:33
prpplaguei wish i had the full schematic for this dev platform00:33
* prpplague wonders if some of the intel folks could get ti00:33
koenkooinow make it run linux00:40
* koenkooi puts on a pot of coffee and starts on his sandwich00:41
prpplaguekoenkooi: at the hotel or at CCO?00:41
prpplagueok, so the question for dvhart is how do we select SDVO or LVDS output from uefi00:43
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* prpplague has grown accustom to having a 8000 page TRM00:56
koenkooiand sections disappearing because the IP blocks are "too hard to use for customers"01:26
* koenkooi saves all his datasheets in a safe place01:31
prpplaguekoenkooi: this adlink board is a monster01:41
koenkooihave you tried running the EFI test binaries on that yet?01:45
prpplaguekoenkooi: not yet01:45
prpplaguekoenkooi: still getting used to the build and such01:45
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prpplaguekoenkooi: so it seems i can't run SDVO and LVDS at the same time on this board01:58
prpplaguekoenkooi: seems there is some detection method01:58
koenkooithe fri2 can drive them at the same time iirc01:59
koenkooimaybe the firmware probes ddc02:00
prpplaguekoenkooi: that;s what i am guessing02:04
prpplaguei hate not having access to everything....02:04
prpplaguekoenkooi: have you got a minnow booted?02:05
koenkooimine is the 2.1V one02:09
* prpplague needs a cat /proc/ioports02:11
prpplaguekoenkooi: ping02:37
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prpplaguekoenkooi: i think i have found a winner for the audio codec02:51
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koenkooigood morning all13:52
prpplaguekoenkooi: how dare you speak to us like that!14:16
av500shhh, I am trying to sleep in here...14:18
dm8tbrkoenkooi: now that you're working on intel stuff... how hard would it be for me to build a more recent kernel for FRI2?14:20
dm8tbrshould it 'just work' if I recycle the config from 'danny' modulo necessary changes?14:21
koenkooidm8tbr: dunno, I'm going to try 3.8 on fri2 when I get back home14:50
dm8tbrI'll meanwhile look if I can write some recipes for the 6lowpan userspace tools if they don't exist yet14:52
koenkooiI'll need those as well :)14:56
prpplaguekoenkooi: email sent on the codec14:58
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prpplaguedavest: morning dave16:13
av500you are afraid you can't do that?16:14
koenkooitoo many daves16:15
* prpplague is going back to be known as just Anders16:17
av500Mr. Anderson16:17
prpplagueAnders, i am not his son16:17
davestprpplague: GM16:17
* prpplague corrects av500 16:17
* davest in the middle of too many things in parallel...16:17
prpplaguedavest: please check on the email about audio codec asap16:18
zenlinuxis koen around or is he traveling today?17:41
prpplaguezenlinux: he's always around on irc, but he's leaving dallas tomorrow18:09
prpplaguezenlinux: he should be able to respond18:10
* prpplague hopes dvhart joins the channel today18:11
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dvhartprpplague, I know you're waiting on me for some things. I've got a couple rather hot and urgent things I'm dealing with right now that are occupying *a lot* of time. Also trying to get the 3.8 BSP for the board to koenkooi and zenlinux18:24
dvhartplease bare with me18:24
koenkooiI;m here, but out for lunch in a few minutes18:25
koenkooiflight back is tomorrow afternoon18:26
dvhartkoenkooi, I'll have it to you soon18:26
koenkooisweet, thanks!18:26
dvhartdoing boot testing now and cleaning up the git commits a bit18:26
dvhartkoenkooi, FYI: meta-minnow and linux-yocto-minnow_3.8 WILL REBASE18:26
koenkooifine by me18:26
dvhartuntil it is in meta-intel and using the real linux-yocto repo18:26
dvhartthen it won't18:26
koenkooiI'm still not convinced it should go into meta-intel18:27
dvhartjust be aware for when you see weird crap happening in your builds ;-)18:27
dvhartkoenkooi, we can discuss it. I can see the argument against, but I don't like the idea of duplicating the emgd bits18:27
koenkooiI'm thinking of customers that want to do a custom spin of minnow18:28
prpplaguedvhart: no worries18:28
koenkooipointing at meta-minnow is less intimidating than meta-intel18:28
dvhartkoenkooi, how does the layer location matter there?18:28
prpplaguedvhart: i am still doing some research18:28
dvhartyou know what, not now, let me get this out, we can discuss that anytime18:28
koenkooidvhart: 1 tiny repo with one layer vs meta-intel18:28
koenkooipeople scare easily18:28
dvhartoi. people.18:30
koenkooianyway, lunch :)18:30
koenkooiit's not a technical argument18:30
dvhartthen I'm ill qualified to contribute ;-)18:30
koenkooias am I18:30
dvhartgo eat18:30
* dvhart tests18:31
* dvhart waits for packaging before saying it's ready..... but.... well... it should be ready19:39
dvhartkoenkooi, back?19:39
dvhartkoenkooi, make sure you are building from meta-minnow/danny19:39
dvhartkoenkooi, OK, updated minnow BSP with 3.8 kernel is out. You can drop the pch_uart.user_uartclk kernel parameter now as well.19:50
dvhartemgd 1.16 ported and very basic tests passed19:50
dvhartroot@minnow:~# uname -a19:52
dvhartLinux minnow 3.8.0-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Mar 1 11:35:29 PST 2013 i686 GNU/Linux19:52
dvhartroot@minnow:~# cat /proc/cmdline19:52
dvhartBOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz console=ttyPCH0,115200 console=tty0 vmalloc=256MB root=/dev/mmcblk0p219:52
dvhartkoenkooi, EFI_STUB is working as well. I've booted both from GRUB and from the EFI Shell directly (you'll need to pass in the kernel boot parameters manually)19:54
dvhartroot@minnow:~# cat /proc/cmdline19:54
dvhartvmlinuz console=ttyPCH0,115200 vmalloc=256MB console=tty0 root=/dev/mmcblk0p219:54
dvhart(the last is via EFI_STUB)19:55
koenkooiwhat's the vmalloc thing about?19:59
dvhartthat's an EMGD driver "recommendation"20:00
av500koenkooi: for CMEM20:00
dvhartkoenkooi, you'll not some kern-tools warnings while building the kernel. I'll be cleaning that all up, but I didn't want to make you wait on that. So understand you get it sooner, but you get it with warnings.20:01
koenkooido I need to update my license whitelist as well?20:02
dvhartyes, per the emgd 1.16 recipe20:02
dvhartroot@minnow:~# cat /proc/cmdline20:02
dvhartvmlinuz console=ttyPCH0,115200 vmalloc=256MB console=tty0 root=/dev/mmcblk0p220:02
dvhartstupid paste buffer20:02
dvhartLICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "license_emgd-driver-bin"20:03
koenkooirecipes-graphics/xorg-driver/ LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST += \"license_emgd-driver-bin_1.16\" to your \20:04
dvharthrm, I thought I had the version without the revision in it20:09
dvhartyou can drop the _1.1620:09
dvhartthat way when it changes you can still build20:09
dvhartwithout having to keep the license flag in sync with the version20:09
koenkooiI hate sstate + prserv in danny20:10
koenkooimeta-minnow update just invalidated everything20:10
dvhartI have no opinion20:10
* koenkooi waits for toolchain to build20:10
dvhartouch, really?20:11
koenkooi0: gcc-cross-initial-4.7.2-r13 do_unpack (pid 9951)20:11
dvhartdo you know if this is fixed in master? if so, is it something that can be easliy backported to a 1.3.x release?20:11
koenkooisort of20:11
koenkooiit depends on layers not being stupid20:12
koenkooia bbappend in the wrong place will trigger this kind of behavious20:12
dvhartare my layers being stupid?20:12
dvhartlike my perf bbappend?20:12
koenkooimartin jansa has sent patches to the obvious offenders20:12
koenkooiI don't know, I haven't looked into it deeply20:12
koenkooioe-core + meta-oe + meta-angstrom is ok20:13
koenkooiI don't feel like bisecting layers to see which ones break it20:13
koenkooiit's like the := in THISDIR20:13
dvhartI definitely want to fix it if any of my layers are the offenders20:14
koenkooiit only takes one layer to break everything20:14
koenkooiyou'll see a patch in your inbox if one of your layers is guilty20:14
dvhartnothing to me directly so far20:14
koenkooiprovided martin or I notice it20:15
dvhartbut I'm just a *little* behind on email currently ;-)20:15
* koenkooi did 'mark as read' on 6k+ oe-core mails20:15
koenkooino way I can catch up, so clean start20:16
koenkooi0: linux-yocto-3.8.0+gitAUTOINC+4688b52950827630915cad792d75add46c12a68e_42db6ff9dec08b6a422b8d45d6b97acfd2b36188-r4.3 do_fetch (pid 5579)20:16
koenkooithere we go20:16
dvhartyup, we all have to do that periodically20:16
dvhartand now the waiting starts20:16
koenkooi(and yes, SRCPV broke somehow, dunno how, prolly bitbake update)20:16
dvhartroot@minnow:~# dmesg | grep -i rtc20:17
dvhartGeneric RTC Driver v1.0720:17
koenkooithe angstrom v2012.05 release was a lot less messy, not many people using 'yocto' yet20:17
dvhartSwitching to clocksource hpet20:18
dvhartso rtc and hpet are in20:18
koenkooiI had to patch a quirk into 3.7 to get HPET to work on my soekris atom board20:18
koenkooisince that has a custom bios that lacks ACPI20:18
koenkooi"cpufreq works in openbsd, not in linux"20:19
koenkooiI'm so happy that the firmware people are helping with minnow20:20
dvhartit's good to have someone dedicated to this particular board, yes20:21
koenkooidvhart: looks like the needed still will finish rebuilding while the kernel fetches20:21
dvhartand working in parallel with the rest of dev20:22
dvhartyeah :/20:22
dvhartfortunately, in practice, that big download is an infrequent occurrence20:22
dvhartyou might consider a local branch20:23
koenkooiback home I have a 100mbit uplink to the interwebs20:24
koenkooiso fetching is a lot faster20:24
dvhartok, my turn for lunch. please let me know if you hit any snags with the updated bsp20:26
dvhartyou're the first to build it after me20:27
koenkooiwill do20:27
koenkooienjoy lunch20:27
dvhartkoenkooi, build complete?21:54
koenkooikernel build is22:09
dvhart-c menuconfig appears to be broken for some reason22:09
koenkooihaven't tried it yet, board is still hooked up to LA,22:09
koenkooiI stay away from -c menuconfig because it doesn't save back your config22:09
dvharthow do you mean?22:10
* koenkooi looks at the stack of emails from users going "WHY ARE MY CHANGES GONE!?!?!?"22:10
koenkooithe changed config doesn't go back into the metadata22:10
dvhartwell I use it as a development tool, diff it with the orig config, and create the fragment22:10
dvhartdocumented in the kernel-dev manual now as well22:10
dvhartand that is definitely spelled out!22:11
koenkooithe kernel-dev manual is about linux-yocto, people tend to skip that for "regular" kernels22:19
koenkooi(and in general: people don't read)22:19
dvhartthat's rather circular22:26
dvhartthe idea is help reduce the barrier to entry for linux-yocto by making it more approachable with documentation and the linux-yocto-custom recipe which lets you work just like "regular" kernels22:26
dvhartand in fact, the kernel-dev manual is more about the kern-tools than it is about linux-yocto itself22:27
koenkooiI'm not debating that22:27
koenkooiI'm just saying that from experience (e.g OE-classic) -c menuconfig is a trap22:27
dvhartas it documents how to use a mainline kernel as well22:27
dvhartfair enough22:27
koenkooiwith 1.4 we'll get prserv22:27
* dvhart suspects a change to scripts/kconfig/mconf.c22:27
koenkooi'cause -c menuconfig also doesn't bump PR22:28
koenkooiso the package manager won't pick it up22:29
dvhartright, and it shouldn't22:30
dvhartit's strictly a temporary development tool when resolving issues22:31
dvhartlike devshell22:31
koenkooiI know that, you know that22:31
dvhartare back to "people" ?22:31
* koenkooi will stop complaining about people now22:32
dvhartheh, yeah right22:33
dvhartwhat time is your flight koenkooi ?22:33
koenkooi3pm tomorrow22:34
dvhartok, so you should have time to test boot the new bsp before then right?22:34
koenkooiif I can wrestle it from the HW guys :)22:34
dvhartyou can make an image available for me and I'll test boot if you like22:34
koenkooiwith the internet connection I'll be back home when you finish downloading22:35
dvhartheh, ok22:36
koenkooibut I'll upload one on monday22:36
koenkooiscott has a copy of the M218 SD card, try getting a copy of that an replace the kernel + modules22:38
dvhartWon't see scott until Monday22:39
dvhartalthough, I can ask him to upload22:39
dvhartzenlinux, ?22:39
koenkooiI need to add a IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_CMD += "rm $D/etc/init.d/*"22:40
koenkooicore-task-boot drags in a lot more for minnow than on beaglebone22:40
koenkooiand one of those extra scripts breaks things22:40
dvhartwe'll have to address the alsa stuff and the MAC22:40
koenkooireal fix later :)22:41
koenkooigenmac won't work with connman, btw22:42
dvhartfriggin connman22:42
koenkooibut it's easy enough to make it a startup script22:42
dvhartwhat's the conflict with connman?22:42
koenkooior networkmanager without ifupdown plugin22:42
koenkooiyou sed /etc/network/interfaces, right?22:42
dvhartdon't remember honestly22:42
dvhartbeen a long time22:42
koenkooithat's an ifupdown thing, not a connman or nm thing22:43
koenkooiI think we'll need to ship with NM since connman lacks a decent gui22:43
dvhart<- despises them both, so no opinion22:44
koenkooiNM adds 2 seconds to boottime on beaglebone, hopefully better on minnow22:44
dvharteven if the interface is off by default?22:45
koenkooiI always want eth enabled and get an IP from DHCP22:45
dvhartyeah, fair enough22:45
koenkooithe connman people weren't kidding when they wrote a dhcp client from scratch to get an IP in less than 140ms22:46
dvhartI suspect a lot of people will just boot with power and usb-console22:46
dvhartbut out of the box, better to be accomodating22:46
koenkooiNM has >6 roundtrips through dbus and then spawns dhclient22:46
* koenkooi will stop complaining about NM now22:47
zenlinuxdvhart, yeah, I can put that somewhere for ya22:59
dvhartI may not get to it today, so no rush22:59
dvhartlikely won't actually22:59
dvhartstill a lot of backlog to complete22:59
zenlinuxdvhart, do you just want a compressed tarball of the efi and rootfs filesystems?23:00
dvhartzenlinux, I'd prefer an image23:07
dvhartbut that will work if you prefer23:07
zenlinuxdvhart, that's why I asked - I can take a dd and compress it instead23:07
dvhartdoesn't work too great with GPT disks, but it's easily fixed23:08
dvhartso yes, preferred, thansk23:08
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