Saturday, 2013-03-02

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prpplaguehmm, would a POST card lure be of any interest?17:11
dm8tbrshould be simple and would be useful for all those trying weird boot methods18:50
dm8tbrthe OMAP ROMBL would just say nothing AFAIU18:51
prpplaguedm8tbr: indeed19:00
prpplaguedm8tbr: i grabbed a couple of schematics from the net19:01
prpplaguedm8tbr: wasn't sure if it was worth my time19:01
prpplaguedm8tbr: i'll add it to me eval list19:01
dm8tbrhow expensive would the BOM be roughly?19:01
* dm8tbr wonders if that combined with the GPIO lure would make for a good default lure19:02
* dm8tbr does have a POST card somewhere in his foo box, but doesn't remember how much more than the 2x7segment and a led it was19:03
dm8tbrmight have been some PALs?19:03
prpplaguedm8tbr: depends on how it was implemented and what other items are on the board19:07
prpplaguedm8tbr: i was planning a beacon lure19:07
prpplaguedm8tbr: but wanted to add a few features19:07
dm8tbrI'm also not sure how useful it would be by default.19:07
dm8tbrat least on OMAP the 'failure to prepare card' issue is extremely common it seems19:07
prpplagueyea i have a reference board with a post adapter19:08
prpplaguegoing to do some tests to see how useful it actually is19:08
dm8tbrvery good, that might answer this question :)19:08
prpplaguei think the beacon would be a good one to start with as well19:08
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prpplaguedavest: greetings23:52
prpplaguedm8tbr: still around?23:59

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