Monday, 2013-03-18

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av500a minnow-killer:
dm8tbrhmm but what's a single unit order price. 1k is not for hobbyists ;)08:30
dm8tbrhdmi1.4 neat, that's the one with ethernet, isn't it?08:31
koenalthough ethernet is just like sound, plain old data in the blanking intervals08:34
dm8tbrah, just like teletext ;)08:35
dm8tbrbut a downside is, that this has _everything_ on the two socket interconnect, nothing on board08:36
av500dm8tbr: 98$08:38
av500you need the mobo08:38
av500but then, there are <$100 small intel boards08:39
av500coworker has one, is really happy with it08:39
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prpplagueav500: yea, but the design isn;t open12:50
prpplagueav500: so you can't spin your own12:50
av500but who'd want that? :)12:51
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zenlinuxgm all15:06
koenzenlinux: good morning!15:06
zenlinuxso I built that OWI robot arm kit over the weekend. Playing with it I've realized how important servo motors are for controlling it by computer.15:08
zenlinuxOtherwise all I can do is tell it to move a motor for X seconds, and the motion is non-linear15:08
zenlinuxso I have no idea from the software whether I'm just cranking the arm past it's maximum position15:08
koenno encoder on the axes?15:12
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zenlinuxkoen, what do you mean by encoder?15:13
ka6soxno positional encoder to tell you what angle it is.15:17
zenlinuxno, unfortunately not. My understanding is that servo motors have potentiometers in them so you can get some feedback of how far the servo has moved; this robot kit is really cheap and has none of that15:18
av500this one?15:19
av500well, that has a remote15:19
av500so it uses visual feedback15:19
av500aka your eyes15:19
av500I guess some openCV can help.....15:20
zenlinuxthat's actually my goal - I've got a webcam strapped onto it currently and would like to get it to pick up objects on its own15:20
zenlinuxanyway, I have some more experimentation to do.15:22
av500I was more thinking about a cam watching the arm15:22
zenlinuxthat could be another approach.15:23
zenlinuxanyway, as a backup plan, does anyone know of a relatively affordable robotic arm that uses true servos with state feedback I can get over serial/usb?15:24
av500get koen to print you one15:25
zenlinux(and to stay on-topic, this is all for the sake of a Minnow demo project)15:25
zenlinuxI've actually started some murmurings about getting a 3d printer at the office. :)15:26
zenlinuxmaybe a replicator 215:26
av500get koen to print you one15:28
av500or get koen to print you a koen15:34
koenleft coast is waking up15:36
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mranostaydavest: doesn't everyone work in their PJs?18:20
davestmranostay: I usually try to dress professionally. Puts me in a frame of mind to act professional18:22
davestat least at work18:22
mranostayacting professional? that seems like hard work :)18:23
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