Tuesday, 2013-03-19

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prpplaguedavest: i'm trying to finalize the trainer lure schematic, any requests on what to use the extra usb host for?01:17
ka6sox-farfarawaadditional hooks?01:41
calculusthe answer is clearly more blinking leds, like this one: http://thingm.com/products/blink-1.html01:50
prpplaguethank god, i was about to head for the bomb shelter01:54
prpplaguecan't seem to knock out the last little details on the trainer lure02:01
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prpplaguezenlinux: greetings15:06
* zenlinux yawns15:07
* prpplague sticks a donut into zenlinux open mouth15:07
zenlinuxyou always want to mind your do's and do'nuts15:07
prpplaguezenlinux: ok, so the first lure board is off for pcb manufacture15:07
prpplaguezenlinux: http://www.elinux.org/Beacon_Lure15:08
zenlinuxvery nice and simple15:08
zenlinuxpwm ftw15:09
av500a steal at $99.9915:09
zenlinuxI haven't logged onto G+ for a day or so, have you posted anything about it I can share?15:09
prpplaguezenlinux: nothing yet15:10
prpplaguezenlinux: i'll get it shortly15:10
zenlinuxthat would be awesome15:10
prpplaguezenlinux: just updated the schematic - http://www.elinux.org/Beacon_Lure#Design15:10
av500prpplague: will it be a purple PCB?15:11
prpplagueav500: hehe, maybe15:11
prpplagueav500: you'll be happy to know that the beacon lure is much easier to use on other platforms than the original beacon15:12
prpplagueav500: hehe15:12
prpplagueav500: removed the level shifters, no ldo, and a generic 2x5 header so you can use a stock 2x5 idc cable to connect to it15:13
av500ah ok15:14
av500I thought you added usb and and autorun installer :)15:14
prpplagueav500: hehe15:15
av500or make it cloud based15:15
av500internet of beacons15:15
av500or even bacons15:15
dm8tbrno the internet is for bacon15:16
zenlinux"The Bacon Board, with enough I/O to cook your morning bacon!"15:17
dm8tbrthe cpu is on the wrong side of the board for that15:18
biotit's an Intel CPU, should cook right through the board15:23
* biot ducks15:23
calculussupports gpios... that means it is cross platform and can work on the raspberry pi :)15:30
calculusyou should say whether it is an A, B, or C lure15:31
koenthe lure overview page does say that :)15:32
prpplaguezenlinux: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101339419642360856354/posts/769ux3Dxm7t15:33
prpplaguezenlinux: that look ok ?15:33
calculusso it does15:33
zenlinux"newly announced +MinnowBoard"15:33
zenlinuxotherwise, looks great, ty15:34
prpplaguecalculus: yea there a few things i need to update on the lure specs15:35
prpplaguecalculus: i'll get them updated this week15:35
prpplaguecalculus: still gotta find time to respond to your email15:35
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zenlinuxprpplague, does the MB support SATA port multipliers?15:45
prpplaguezenlinux: in theory yes, however i have not tested that aspect as of yet15:45
prpplaguezenlinux: that is on my test matrix15:45
zenlinuxok, I just got an inquiry in about that.15:46
prpplaguezenlinux: i should have the trainer design up by the end of the week15:46
zenlinuxyou sure it should in theory?15:46
prpplaguezenlinux: in theory, yes, i haven't found anything (yet) that would prevent that from working15:47
prpplaguezenlinux: has anyone tested it on fri2 or shellbay?15:47
zenlinuxmy understanding is that most controllers don't support it, so it would be unusual that ours would15:47
zenlinuxI haven't heard of any reports of people doing it on those platforms, either15:47
prpplaguezenlinux: i'll see if i have time to test it this week on my adlink board15:48
zenlinuxbut that doesn't mean for certain that it isn't supported15:48
prpplaguezenlinux: but i am pretty swamped15:48
zenlinuxprpplague, no problem - I'm going to reply to the person with a tentative answer and ask him to follow up in another week15:48
* koen bricked his FRI2 today15:48
prpplaguekoen: doh15:48
zenlinuxkoen, how?15:49
koenby poking at efivars from inside linux15:49
prpplaguezenlinux: i need some feedback on the trainer board15:49
prpplaguezenlinux: i have the i2c interface selectable for +3.3V and +5V, but not the gpios or spi15:49
koenzenlinux: apperently that is a big no-no on "cheap hardware"15:50
prpplaguezenlinux: any thoughts on that?15:50
koenI'd like to get that fixed in the uEFI releases for FRI2 and minnow15:50
koenI can't be the only idiot trying to do use efivars from inside linux :)15:50
prpplaguekoen: indeed15:50
* koen puts on dunce cap for the time being15:50
prpplaguekoen: you don't have a tool to reflash?15:51
zenlinuxprpplague, what does the beaglebone support for gpio and spi voltage?15:51
koenprpplague: haven't looked15:51
prpplaguezenlinux: bone is stock at +3.3V15:51
koenprpplague: the kontron docs are useles15:51
koenprpplague: they keep talking about a USB drive to redo the internal SD card15:52
zenlinuxthen I'd probably look to that board as what we'd want to when we have choices like this to make15:52
prpplaguekoen: yea about the same as the adlink board15:52
koenprpplague: I bet this "debug port" can do something useful15:52
prpplaguezenlinux: thats fine, i basically have replicated that style of interface15:52
koenso far the only reference to the "debug port" is the sticker that's on the casing15:53
prpplaguezenlinux: the i2c is selectable as there are a wide range of +5v based sensors15:53
zenlinuxright, I can see the utility in that15:53
prpplaguekoen: http://linux.die.net/man/8/flashrom15:53
prpplaguekoen: i've got that coded up to work with the flyswatter2, but haven't tested yet15:53
prpplaguei have way too much to do before design west15:55
prpplaguezenlinux: any other wise list items for lure stuff?15:56
zenlinuxprpplague, personally I'm thrilled to see we've come so far w/ the Beacon Lure. Just keep chugging away at the trainer.15:57
zenlinuxI've started having conversations with our people who run university education programs, they may have some specialized lure requests for edu programs, but that's more of a long term project.15:58
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mranostayi think ka6sox-farfarawa doesn't know where he is17:03
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koenpanto: I applied all of mranostays remaining patches and will update the branch in a few minutes18:08
mranostaywrong channel? :)18:11
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mranostayprpplague: so for the baconlure pretty much the same layout right?18:21
prpplaguemranostay: sorry i did not understand your question18:22
mranostayas the bacon cape18:22
mranostaysame functionality18:22
mranostayoh does the Minnowboard have a RTC that doesn't drain a coin cell in a hour or two? ;)18:23
prpplaguemranostay: yea similar layout18:23
koenmranostay: current board has the RTC battery mount on the mainboard18:32
koenmranostay: not sure how fast it drains the coincell18:33
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