Wednesday, 2013-03-20

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scott-test1just testing out a web-based irc client - looks good00:05
zenlinux_hi scott-test100:05
scott-test1hello back zenlinux_00:05
scott-test1ok, looks good00:05
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mranostayer that was weird00:09
zenlinux_now we can get trolls who don't have native irc clients ;)00:09
mranostayaren't real trolls then00:09
mranostayevery time i see a  web/freenode mask i know someone that hasn't tried google first is about to ask something :)00:11
zenlinux_a decent litmus test00:12
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mranostayzenlinux_: more often than not it is correct00:45
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* prpplague slaps zenlinux around with a flyswatter215:39
prpplaguezenlinux: jtag jtag jtag, it's always about Marsha err i mean jtag15:40
prpplaguezenlinux_: sent email on the jtag stuff15:42
prpplaguezenlinux_: answer is forthcoming but delayed due to schematic review15:42
zenlinux_it's not a high priority request compared to everything else you're juggling15:43
prpplaguezenlinux_: rough schematic for the trainer lure is up -
prpplaguezenlinux_: layout in progress15:44
zenlinux_right on15:45
av500prpplague: btw, did you see these 5050 LEDs?15:46
av500they are RGB with WS2801 inside15:46
prpplagueav500: yea15:47
prpplagueav500: lots of talk going on about them lately15:47
av500put 3 of these on the beacon15:47
av500and a 4 pin header for chinese LED strip15:48
av500ah these are 281115:48
av500for that you need a realtime kernel :)15:49
prpplagueav500: hehe yea well i also have another 3000 ws2801 parts i need to use15:49
av500excuses, excuses15:50
prpplaguezenlinux_: any idea if there are any issues accessing the gpio pins on the eg20t from inside of EFI?15:51
prpplaguezenlinux_: should we be able to read the status of some of those GPIOs early on the efi init?15:51
zenlinux_prpplague, in theory it should work, but I'd check w/ Lee to verify. I haven't tried it myself.15:52
prpplaguezenlinux_: dont suppose you are in contact with darren currently? i really would like to discuss a few things with him on interactively on irc16:04
zenlinux_I think darren has succumbed to the cold virus that seems to be hitting everyone (I got it over the weekend)16:08
prpplaguezenlinux_: hmm16:08
prpplaguei need to really make some decisions on the lvds_detect....16:09
prpplagueguess i'll make them and deal with the flak later16:09
zenlinux_you could try e-mailing him16:09
zenlinux_put "URGENT" in the subject line16:09
koenooooh, finally someone that spells flak correctly!16:09
av500and "$$$"16:09
av500koen: oever here we all spell it correctly :)16:10
prpplaguekoen: what do you expect, i trained with the gun bunnies16:10
prpplaguezenlinux_: sent thanks16:10
koenav500: I bet you germans even know it's an acronym16:10
zenlinux_I'm originally from New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state. NH folks tend to like their guns almost as much as Texans do.16:11
prpplagueav500: was watching some info about the firmbombing of dresden16:12
prpplagueav500: people say it was a thousand times as bad a the a-bomb stuff against Japan16:12
av500prpplague: they did the "test run" on Darmstadt here :)16:12
av500seems the test was deemed a success16:13
prpplagueav500: ahh16:13
* prpplague is going to make a wwii tour of EU some day16:13
av500gonna swim to a beach in Normady?16:13
prpplagueav500: well at least visit saint mere eglies16:14
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mranostayka6sox: \o\17:08
mranostayka6sox: /o/17:08
mranostayka6sox: \o/17:08
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prpplaguedvhart: hey bud17:29
dvhartprpplague, so... gpio17:29
prpplaguedvhart: got the rum and theraflu flowing?17:29
prpplaguedvhart: one sec, sending you an update xls spreadsheet17:29
dvhartlast night, yeah, this morning it's tabasco and pepsi (not together) keeping me rolling17:30
prpplaguedvhart: updated xls sent17:31
prpplaguedvhart: let me know when you have it pulled up17:31
dvhartgot it17:31
prpplaguedvhart: ok, so... dropping the hwid pins down to three instead of four bits17:32
prpplaguedvhart: gpio11 will now be the LVDS_DET17:32
dvhartok, 8 revs is a reasonable number17:32
prpplaguedvhart: it is not boot strapped, and doesn't need any buffering17:32
dvhart11 was HWID3 before?17:32
dvhartthat's fine with us17:33
dvhartthe only thing I don't like about it is this:17:33
dvhartwith GPIO4 I could setup the SUS enable/disable bit using the same gpiochip driver that I need to read GPIO417:33
dvhartbut really... it isn't a big deal17:33
dvhartthe GPIO has all been setup by this point anyway17:34
dvhartso yeah, that's fine17:34
dvhartwhat is the +3.3V power enable on G4 about?17:34
prpplaguedvhart: yea i went over that, this the best solution i could find17:34
mranostayprpplague: rum and theraflu? you don't believe those warnings either? :)17:34
dvhart(why was it a problem to buffer/isolate G4 like the others? you run out of buffer lines?_17:34
prpplaguedvhart: previously we had GPIO7 controlling the +3.3v for the 2x5 header, so it was dual purpose17:34
dvharthow did I miss that, that's not good17:35
prpplaguedvhart: buffer lines and default states for the lvds would make the logic somewhat convoluted17:35
prpplaguedvhart: this way it is clean and simple17:35
prpplaguedvhart: gpio11 will be pulled down by default for no LVDS17:35
prpplaguedvhart: it will be the lure responsibilty to pull it high to indicate lvds presence17:36
dvhartwhat about GPIO4, it still needs to be 0 for boot17:36
prpplaguedvhart: correct17:36
prpplaguedvhart: we'll start with +3.3v off on the header17:36
prpplaguedvhart: if they need to turn on the header, such as for the programming the spi flash, they will have to enable gpio _after_ booting17:37
prpplaguedvhart: so no conflict17:37
dvhartso GPIO4 is has a pull down?17:37
prpplaguedvhart: correct as part of the bootstrap17:37
dvhartand we drive it hi as an output from the OS later to provide power to the 2x5?17:37
prpplaguedvhart: correct17:38
dvhartdumb question: does that supply enough current?17:38
Lee___Dave, GPIO7 control of V3.3 is optional depending upon the state of a jumper17:38
prpplaguedvhart: safe for the 2x5 header, solves the bootstrap conflict, and adds long term control17:38
dvhartto be useful I mean17:38
dvhartprpplague, so per Lee___'s comment, the header to select the power is still on the X3?17:39
prpplaguedvhart: the 3.3v rail is a seperate LDO rated at 500mA, and we have about 250mA to spare, so we'll have to make an application note17:39
prpplaguedvhart: yes indeed a jumper will still be present to force power on  if selected17:39
Lee___Would you please send me the updated spreadsheet?17:39
dvhartLee___, forwarding now17:39
prpplaguedvhart: Low Drop Out voltage regulator17:40
dvhartLee___, sent17:40
dvhartprpplague, so I still need to review the X3. GOing to do that ASAP after this. I did see a number of Lee__'s comments though.17:41
dvhartwe've resolved the GPIO4 isolation I believe17:41
dvhartsome of the others I wasn't as sure about, sounds like there is some resistance to making the changes?17:42
prpplaguedvhart: yep, we are making the last few erc/drc tests17:42
dvhartthe red led and level inversion for example, we discussed that weeks ago, definitely not a new request :)17:42
Lee___What is happening with the test board?  Is the same control (GPIO4) being sent there?  If so, it still needs buffering.17:42
prpplaguedvhart: yea, that was missed in the review, so it was "new" to the fixes17:43
dvharthrm, so is there 3.3V power enable to the expansion? I don't see it17:43
prpplagueLee___: gpio4 is no longer on the expansion header, so it is not being testing on the lure17:43
prpplaguedvhart: no the 100 expansion head does not have power enable controls17:44
prpplaguedvhart: we have a pwrok signal17:44
Lee___The power enable was GPIO717:44
prpplagueLee___: correct it _was_ gpio7, it is gpio4 now17:44
dvhartIsn't this just labeling? I mean, people could still use GPIO7 for that purpose right?17:44
prpplaguedvhart: correct, if they needed some power control they could use any gpio for that on the expansion header17:45
Lee___But the software has to be different to use the pins on the Minnow .vs. using them via the expansion connector.17:45
dvhartLee___, yeah, that bothers me a bit17:45
prpplagueLee___: i am not following your statements17:46
prpplaguethe lure matches what we are using17:46
dvhartprpplague, if we have a driver which uses the 8 gpio lines and power over gpio4, that won't work on the lure17:46
dvhartyou couldn't control the power to the device the same way17:46
prpplaguedvhart: ok lets back up17:46
prpplaguedvhart: the 100 expansion header has nothing to do with the GPIO4 power controls17:47
dvhartright, but the 2x5 on the minnow does17:48
prpplaguedvhart: correct17:48
dvhartIf one expects to be able to use the GPIO in a similar way both on the minnow and on the expansion, they will be disappointed17:48
dvhartsince G4 is missing on the lure17:48
prpplaguedvhart: why would you expect it to work the same?17:48
dvhartsince they are the same GPIO lines, I could see something expecting to prototype on the minnow and later make a lure17:49
dvhartseems a reasonable thing to do17:49
dvhartLee___, is this basically what you are getting at?17:49
prpplaguedvhart: if you are doing a lure instead of using the 2x5 header you'd want to use a seperate power supply17:49
prpplaguedvhart: but i think i understand what you are wanting to do17:50
dvhartI would? I think I would want to avoid a separate powe supply as much as possible! If I were me I mean...17:50
prpplaguedvhart: so we change the +3.3v rail on the 100 pin header to be the same as that of the 2x517:50
dvhartthen it can be selectable?17:50
prpplaguedvhart: the 3.3v rail as i stated would be limited to around 250mA, so you'd want to use a seperate power supply17:51
Lee___That was yes to: "is this basically what you are getting at?"17:51
prpplaguedvhart: yea17:51
dvharteither fixed to 3.3 or programable with G4....17:51
prpplaguewe'll make that change17:51
dvhartLee___, any concerns with that approach?17:51
prpplaguethat solves the issue that you are point towards17:51
dvhartseems reasonable to me17:51
dvhartunless the 3.3V fixed is needed for PCIe, mSATA, or some such17:51
dvhartdon't want it to be an either or kind of thing....17:51
Lee___Just to be clear, what change are you making?17:52
prpplagueLee___: pin 91 on the expansion header will be connected to pin 1 of the 2x5 header17:53
prpplaguedvhart: nope those would not be used with this rail17:54
prpplaguedvhart: you'd need a seperate power supply17:54
mranostayprpplague: so the expansion header can only source 250mA of power?17:55
dvhartI think I'm fine with that. I do want to hear Lee___ 's opinion though.17:55
dvhartprpplague, on the 3.3V line17:55
dvharterm... mranostay ^17:55
Lee___Would the jumper and E6XX_GPIO_4 control the power to pin 91 of the expansion connector?17:56
dvhartthat was my understanding17:58
prpplaguemranostay: for this one 3.3v line17:58
prpplaguemranostay: it has a stock +5v rail17:58
prpplaguemranostay: that is connected to the barrel jack17:59
prpplaguemranostay: so you can source whatever you want with an LDO/SMPS17:59
prpplagueLee___: yes17:59
mranostaybut all I/O is 3v3 correct?17:59
prpplaguemranostay: yea17:59
Lee___Will the FET be able to source 250 mA at 3.3V?18:01
prpplagueLee___: yea that one matches up to 1A18:02
Lee___OK, that sounds like it will work and eliminates the need for the extra isolation buffer necessary for E6XX_GPIO_418:05
dvhart\o/ consensus18:07
* dvhart goes to curl up in a ball18:07
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koendvhart: fwiw, RDEPENDS_${PN}_sys940x_append += "genmac" isn't really valid syntax18:54
koendvhart: it's RDEPENDS_${PN}_sys940x_append = " genmac"18:54
koenRDEPENDS_${PN}_sys940x += "genmac"18:54
koenthe latter doesn't do what you'd expect, though18:54
koenand note the leading space on the former18:54
prpplaguekoen: you are cc'd on the gbe stuff18:56
dvhartI did that a long time ago18:56
dvhartmy bb foo is much improved :-)18:57
dvhartI shall fix18:57
dvharthrm wait... are you saying to have to assign *_append variables in one shot, they cannot be built up?18:58
koenI'm saying that using both _append and += should be avoided18:58
koenthey do the same, but at different moments, for overrides you want _override_append = " something"18:59
koenit's one of those weird bitbake things, _append gets evaluated later than += and hence works better with overrides19:00
koenin recipes you won't notice much of a difference, but try local.conf and you'll see that include ordering suddenly affects += and not _append19:03
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koenI call '+=' 'can I get 2 weeks of my life back now?' after finding that out19:04
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neofobdoes anyone know if minnowboard support port multiplier for sata port?19:10
prpplagueneofob: in theory yes, but it hasn't been tested as of yet19:10
prpplagueneofob: it has two sata ports19:10
prpplagueneofob: what is your use case?19:11
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neofobprpplague: sorry for a bit late response, i was running some vagrant stuff to test my code19:28
neofobanyhow, i plan to use an external hard drive enclosure19:28
neofobuse the board to run glusterfs server on a bunch of hard drives19:28
prpplagueneofob: how many drives are you wanting to use?19:29
prpplagueneofob: per board19:29
neofobas many as i can19:29
neofobmy friends and i are photographers, we produce a lot data with dslr19:30
neofobso we have a case for a scalable home data storage19:30
neofobalso, i'm interested in md5 sum performance; the reason is glusterfs in particular uses a lot of it :D19:32
prpplagueneofob: well you can support 2 sata natively, plus you could add some via the pcie19:32
prpplagueneofob: but in theory it should support multiplier but we haven't got it on the test matrix for the initial testing19:33
neofobprpplague: that's promising; i'm more than happy to test it out for you guys; i have 2 enclosures19:34
koenneofob: do you have an url for those enclosures?19:50
koenprpplague: I remember port multipliers causing a lot of trouble in my former life as an FAE19:51
prpplaguekoen: we are talking about it now19:52
neofobkoen: hang on19:55
neofobkoen: Probox 4bay on Amazon
* prpplague looks19:56
neofobi have been using it with CuBox, running glusterfs19:57
koenthat's quite cheap19:57
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* prpplague makes a note to pick one up for testing20:00
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dvhartkoen, testing the emgd 1.16 danny update  for all BSPs now21:05
dvhart3 BSPs to build/test - 80% done21:05
dvhartI"ll be dropping the recipes from meta-minnow once it's merged21:06
dvhartyou'll need danny:HEAD after that21:06
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mranostaydavest1: !21:27
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