Thursday, 2013-03-21

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prpplaguekoen: cc'd you on the patches for the minnow ethernet15:34
prpplaguekoen: those a basic hacks for the driver15:34
mdpare you going to do the conversion to phylib?15:41
mdpfor upstream15:41
prpplaguemdp: i think dvhart is planning to do it, if he doesn't i will15:42
prpplaguemdp: just need something workable to test the hardware atm15:42
mdpsure ... "working first"15:42
mdpyou should see some of my hideous pcie RC code right now15:43
mdpotoh, maybe you shouldn't ;)15:43
prpplaguemdp: hehe15:44
mdpbarbarian! ;) looks like a fine temporary fix15:45
mdpso you do equal length traces too, I see15:46
prpplaguemdp: yea15:46
mdpcool, glad to hear it's ship boards ;)15:46
prpplaguemdp: yea, i am going to do a write up on this15:46
prpplaguemdp: indeed15:46
mdpI like that idea15:46
mdpthat worked well for me on the spi framebuffer project15:47
prpplaguemdp: indeed15:47
mdpsome day I need to finish the last 10% to get that upstream and make it usable on minnow too15:47
prpplaguemdp: does your phy support the hibernation mode for cable detect?15:50
koenprpplague: funny15:54
koenprpplague: that type of workaround was in the beaglebone kernel as well15:54
koenif (phy->id ...15:55
prpplaguekoen: yea, once i figured out the core issue, it was right there on a bunch of other designs15:55
prpplaguekoen: the problem is that on some designs it is fixed in the pcb layout (it really doesn't show itself on the schematic) and others correct it in the software15:55
prpplaguekoen: the fri2, shellbay, and adlink all fix it in hardware by adding longer trace lengths to the tx clock15:56
mdpprpplague: automagic cable detect to hibernation? no.15:56
mdpis that all the rage these days?15:56
prpplaguemdp: yea15:56
prpplaguemdp: if no cable is detected after 10 seconds it goes to sleep15:56
prpplaguemdp: problem is if your boot sequence takes longer than 10 seconds, the mac can't talk to phy during init because it is asleep15:57
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prpplaguemdp: so you have to generate a hard reset right before you do your init to make sure it is awake15:57
mdpprpplague: tbh, the *only* reason they chose this phy is that it can be forced to enable TX_CLK even in 1GBps mode where it's not normally required...most phys don't even allow that option. this is needed to address an errata on the SoC MII interface15:58
prpplaguemdp: ahh15:59
mdp is the phy driver with that errata workaround enabled15:59
* prpplague reviews15:59
mdpre: the automagic hibernation..that's cool stuff. I haven't done networking stuff for probably 4 years until now, so I'm behind on the state-of-the-art for PM stuff16:01
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mdpthis et1011c has all the usual manually entered states under s/w control16:01
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prpplaguekoen: i have flashrom working with the flyswatter216:30
prpplaguekoen: you need an external power source16:30
prpplaguekoen: but it is working16:30
prpplaguekoen: so we can recover minnows16:31
prpplaguekoen: i'll have to layout an adapter board16:31
koenwhen you get into the office hieu will ask you about recovering FRI2 boards :)16:31
prpplaguei'm in the office now16:32
prpplaguekoen: but swamped16:32
koenI think you only need to poke the transport persion (Zonia?) to arrange a pick up and shipment to cco16:40
* koen diverts attention to picking out a pizza16:41
av500einmal mit allem16:41
neofobdoes this board support jumbo frame like mtu 9000?16:45
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mranostayprpplague: what is the phy used?17:41
prpplaguemranostay: i am sorry i did not understand your question17:45
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mranostayprpplague: on-board ethenet right?17:56
mranostay*ethernet even17:56
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prpplaguemranostay: i am sorry i did not understand your question(network dropped)17:58
mranostayprpplague: what are the specs on the on-board ethernet17:59
koengbe MAC inside the EG20T17:59
prpplaguemranostay: pretty much standard 1000/100/10 nic18:00
koengbe PHY on the board18:00
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prpplaguemranostay: the EG20T hub chip handles the mac and we are using the AR803x series phy18:01
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prpplaguedavest: ping19:40
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dvhartprpplague, poke19:48
prpplaguedvhart: yep19:48
prpplaguedvhart: you have the ethernet cable attached and the other end is connected to a active network device?19:48
prpplagueyea that won;t work19:49
prpplaguebecause both sides are going to try to auto negotiate19:50
prpplagueyou'll need to test with a switch or hub19:50
dvhartok, I can do that19:50
dvhartwith that you're saying the "won't go ready" messages with go away?19:50
dvhartand it should proceed to init the device19:50
prpplaguethe problem is the hibernation mode19:50
prpplagueworking on a solution for that19:51
dvhartthis is a work around is necessary for X2 only right?19:51
dvhartok, I need to go pull a cable from the lab before the next sync up.19:51
prpplaguedvhart: no, these changes will be for all minnow boards19:52
dvhart(I mean having to plug into a switch to avoid the errors)19:52
prpplaguedvhart: right, that will go away once we are able to generate the proper reset via the phy reset gpio19:53
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dvhartprpplague, OK, I've tried two cables from the Minnow to the switch (which is actively running my private lan) and the link lights do not come on and I still see the won't go READY error.20:03
prpplagueok sounds like something is still broken with your board20:05
dvhartprpplague, am I possibly missing a blue-wire fix?20:07
dvhartI have 4 on the board20:07
prpplaguelet me work with you after the conference call20:08
* koen is caught again by differences in DST date20:25
davestdvhart: FDDI ?20:27
davestOh, FTDI20:27
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koendavest: you get quoted in
prpplaguedavest: are you on the call?20:53
dvhartprpplague, he is yes20:57
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prpplaguedvhart: give me a couple minutes20:59
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prpplaguedavest: welcome back21:04
prpplaguedvhart: ok, let me know when you are ready to do do some looking21:04
mdpkoen, sadly, it's been the same confusion since people started really converting off of traditional RTOSes in 98-99..and the confusion just won't go away21:04
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prpplaguedvhart: do you have a dediprog to make sure you have the latest firmware from lee?21:11
dvhartI do have the latest21:17
dvhart(yes, flashed with a dediprog)21:17
prpplaguedvhart: ok21:17
prpplaguedvhart: please check the top side of the board, near the rj45 jack locate pads marked as R40121:18
prpplaguedvhart: there should be two resistors there with a blue wire21:18
prpplaguedvhart: is that correct?21:18
dvhartR401 is missing (looks removed)21:19
dvhartthere is a blue wire to R?3921:19
dvhartaha, which broke21:20
dvhartit's hanging loose21:20
prpplaguedvhart: ok that needs to be repaired21:20
prpplaguedvhart: do you have a lab tech available to make the repairs?21:20
dvhartI don't believe so, but I can do it if you can get me details21:22
dvhartthe resister is still attached to the wire21:22
dvhartso it must have popped loose21:22
prpplaguedvhart: ok that is going to be a tricky repair21:23
* prpplague ponders21:23
dvharthrm.... looking at the pads for r401... maybe that is beyond my skill21:23
dvhartyeah, going to need some help there.21:23
dvhartI can ship it back to you now21:23
dvhartcan you get me one overnighted?21:23
prpplaguedvhart: lets get it back asap21:23
prpplaguedvhart: i the one i am testing with the hdmi is not functional21:24
dvhartthat is the other thing I need to test :/21:24
prpplaguedvhart: let me see what we have available21:24
dvhartbtw, can you send me a wall-wart with this one?21:26
dvhartwould like to run with the "official" one21:26
prpplaguedvhart: well there really isn't an official one, but we can get you one21:27
prpplaguedvhart: checking on what we can do21:28
dvhartok, I'm going to head out and drop this off at FedEx now then.21:28
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prpplaguedvhart: ok, is the hdmi working on that board currently?21:28
dvhartI'll spend the intervening time looking at X3 and seeing about incorporating phylib21:28
prpplaguedvhart: ok, i suspect the best thing is for us to get your board, make the fix and ship it back with saturday delivery21:29
dvhartOK, works for me21:29
prpplaguedvhart: i'll continue to see what we can come up with21:29
dvhartyou still have my home address yes?21:29
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prpplaguedvhart: please send it to my email just in case21:29
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dvhartprpplague, ATTN whom?21:32
prpplaguedvhart: prpplague21:34
prpplaguedvhart: David Anders21:34
dvhartYes I was going to dereference the handle21:34
dvhartOK, I'm out then. Let me know when it ships please.21:35
prpplaguedvhart: will do21:40
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mranostaydavest: how is your yocti family on your desk?22:31
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dvhartkoen, if you have a board to test, I've updated meta-intel and meta-minnow danny branches23:30
dvhartemgd-1.16 is now part of meta-intel and removed from minnow23:31
dvhartfixed up some of the video features and such as well23:31
dvhartit builds, but I have no board to test until saturday23:31
dvhartif you can test I would appreciate it23:31
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dvhartprpplague, hey23:52
dvhartprpplague, I'm reading up on PHYs23:52
prpplaguedvhart: greeeeetings23:52
prpplaguedvhart: dandy23:52
dvhartthe kernel has a phydev for the aT803123:52
dvhartbut we have an aR8031....23:52
prpplaguedvhart: yea23:52
prpplaguedvhart: same thing23:53
dvhartat8031 pulls up squat via google23:53
prpplaguedvhart: was renamed when it got purchased23:53
prpplaguedvhart: same part23:53
dvhartwanted to confirm23:53
prpplaguedvhart: i linked to the code for the at803x stuff in my emails to you23:53
prpplaguedvhart: atheros got purchase by qualcomm so, they renamed a few items23:54
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dvhartgot it23:54
prpplaguedvhart: you got the url to view the datasheet correct?23:55
dvhartI was surprised at the complexity23:55
prpplaguedvhart: indeed23:55
dvhartlearn something new every day23:55
prpplaguedvhart: yep23:55
dvhartgoing to take some time to sort out how to integrate phydev support23:56
dvhartbut I'll try to get myself up to speed by the time I have hardware again23:56
prpplaguedvhart: yea, for now we'll need a patch in the yocto build to make sure we are the ID check23:56
dvhartright, that's easy enough to carry until a proper fix can be made23:57
prpplaguedvhart: next items of fun: lvds and audio23:58
dvhartanything in particular about those?23:58
dvhartI'm expecting a new codec for audio, but otherwise haven't been thinking about it23:58
prpplaguedvhart: well we need to work out the details for the GOP23:59
prpplaguedvhart: and some of the user space testing23:59
prpplaguedvhart: then we'll need to get the emgd working properly23:59
prpplaguedvhart: for the lvds stuff23:59
dvhartI think lee was able to find the place in the firmware where the test for LVDS_PRESENT needs to be made23:59

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