Thursday, 2013-03-28

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prpplagueho ho hum02:21
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mranostayho ho hum i smell rum02:42
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* mranostay waves to dvhart 18:13
* dvhart is taking a "quick" break from minnow to get a beagleboard in his test rack18:13
dvhartI believe I may have 2 dead beagles :-( I have the worst luck with hardware....18:14
mranostayplease tell me we are talking dead boards not dogs :P18:14
mranostaydvhart: xMs? or classics18:14
dvhartone of each :-)18:15
dvhartand yeah, dead boards18:15
* koen snaps18:22
koenI wish people would be more careful with their phrasing18:23
koenyocto is NOT an OS18:23
mranostaykoen: you know i do that to annoy you right? :)18:23
koenyou use it ironically18:24
mranostaysure let us go with that :)18:25
dvhartkoen, you really got to find another windmill man18:36
dvhartthere are so many wonderful things in this world to be angry about ;-)18:36
koenat this rate the minnow won't have an OS18:38
* koen has no minnow to work on nor a FRI2 to prototype on18:39
dvhartkoen, did your FRI2 die?18:39
koenflash latest intel bios into FRI2, update efivars from inside linux18:39
koenbye bye bios18:40
dvhartah right, I remember the thread18:40
koenand my minnow is on your desk :)18:40
dvhartwell.... I promise to make good use of it18:40
dvhartReally need those X3s18:40
* dvhart wishes for 10x faster SD cards for Christmas18:41
av500use SSD?18:44
av500last time I checked intel supported sata :)18:44
av500I think18:44
dvhartav500, I do when I can. This particular board doesn't support SATA.18:45
dvhart(not talking about the minnow here)18:45
koendvhart: it's shamefull how much faster the UX is on the FRI2 when using a fast mSATA drive18:47
koendvhart: I can't wait till I get a mSATA sure :)18:47
dvhartkoen, mSata is awesome18:47
koendvhart: get a
koencomes close to sata3 speeds when used with usb318:48
koenmkefidisk finishes before my coffee has cooled down to drinking temp :)18:49
dvhartI have something similar18:49
mranostaydvhart: you wish for hardware for xmas?19:06
mranostayweird :)19:07
dvhartdoesn't everybody?19:07
mranostayi didn't noticed the mSATA connector on my FRI219:12
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koenmranostay: open it up, remove hdmi board19:14
koenone half sized mpci with wifi, one full sized for msata19:15
mranostayah right19:15
mranostaykoen: need to pop out the HDMI card to use it?19:15
koenno, only to install it19:19
koenit's the middle PCB19:19
koenand be careful, the PCB isn't actually attached to the case19:20
koenit's held in place by the heatsink putty19:20
koens/PCB/PCB stack/19:21
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ka6sox-awayfri2 is a myth19:37
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ka6soxnot quite as bad as cake however...19:38
mranostayka6sox: when did you get in here?19:47
av500mranostay: as I said, it's #beagle219:51
ka6soxis this a private channel?19:51
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