Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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prpplaguegabrbedd: hey bud03:10
prpplaguegabrbedd: what's cookin?03:10
gabrbeddprpplague: howdy!03:10
gabrbeddprpplague: bacon!03:10
prpplaguegabrbedd: dandy!03:10
prpplaguegabrbedd: you "moving along" ?03:11
gabrbeddprpplague: Yeah. Today was Day 1 at the new gig.03:11
prpplaguegabrbedd: dandy03:11
gabrbeddprpplague: I like. :-)03:11
prpplaguegabrbedd: yea i liked the atmosphere there03:11
gabrbeddprpplague: actually... I should say Day 2. (I was using zero-offset arrays)03:12
gabrbedderm, zero index.03:12
gabrbeddprpplague: I really like the team I'm on, so far.03:12
gabrbeddprpplague: They're forcing n00bs to park at the local mall, though.03:13
gabrbeddprpplague: Too many people, not enough parking.03:14
prpplaguegabrbedd: ahh03:14
prpplaguegabrbedd: mind if i ask who your lead is there?03:14
gabrbeddprpplague: Preethi N.03:14
* gabrbedd can never remember what comes after the 'N'03:15
gabrbeddprpplague: What have you been up to?  minnowboard stuff?03:36
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prpplaguegabrbedd: yea03:37
prpplaguegabrbedd: tons of work for CCO03:38
gabrbeddprpplague: Yeah, I've seen the posts on G+... but I haven't quite comprehended what the Lure is.03:40
gabrbeddprpplague: Is it a companion board that breaks out misc. signals?03:40
prpplaguegabrbedd: you familiar with the arduino?03:40
prpplaguegabrbedd: yea, basically03:40
gabrbeddprpplague: Yeah.03:40
gabrbeddprpplague: So.... why have an arduino on the board?03:40
prpplaguegabrbedd: trainer is a breakout board for the minnow expansion signals, but it also has a "builtin" arduino03:40
prpplaguegabrbedd: because a lot of folks use the arduino in combination with a more powerful device such as pc03:41
prpplaguegabrbedd: basically like a PRU in omap terms03:41
* gabrbedd never learned "PRU" in any terms.03:41
prpplaguegabrbedd: hehe03:42
prpplaguegabrbedd: like ducati03:42
* gabrbedd spits03:42
prpplaguegabrbedd: but not closed03:42
* gabrbedd relaxes03:42
gabrbeddprpplague: How does the host communicate with the arduino?  UART?03:43
gabrbeddJust saw it on the page.03:43
gabrbeddprpplague: ok, that looks like fun, now. :-)03:44
prpplaguegabrbedd: so you can use any of these shields with it -
prpplaguegabrbedd: to prototype and experiment03:45
gabrbeddprpplague: No I2S lines?03:46
prpplaguegabrbedd: hehe, no03:46
prpplaguegabrbedd: the E6xx atom only supports HDA03:46
gabrbeddprpplague: It's always /something/.03:46
prpplaguegabrbedd: hence me request to wolfson03:46
gabrbeddprpplague: Well, just because it has HDA doesn't mean it doesn't have any I2S capabilities... /somewhere/.03:47
prpplaguegabrbedd: already have that on the wish list for the next rev03:47
prpplaguegabrbedd: hehe yea, no i2s anywhere, on HDA03:47
gabrbeddprpplague: an x86-based proto board, with i2c, spi, and i2s -- dream come true for me.03:48
prpplaguegabrbedd: well, a 9 not a 10 hehe03:48
gabrbeddprpplague: I can respect the ARM stuff, but it's always too mired in NDA's to make it much fun.03:48
* prpplague won't comment on that03:49
* gabrbedd suspects that any of prplague's comments might violate existing NDA's.03:50
gabrbedderm, prpplague's comments, that is.03:51
gabrbeddprpplague: nighty, night!04:18
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av500mranostay: because!05:35
mranostayav500: scary05:39
mranostayav500: so how long till kridner makes a minnowscript?06:30
av500I think he is not involved, the minnow does not have a DSP06:30
* mranostay makes note not to touch something he just air desoldered06:34
* dm8tbr hands mranostay an ice-pack06:35
mranostaywell i may not have a  index fingerprint in the morning06:36
av500now do the other fingerts06:46
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zenlinux_MinnowBoard is officially Yocto Project Compatible now - the AB voted us in last week16:56
prpplaguezenlinux_: dandy!17:04
prpplaguezenlinux_: need to get that up on the wiki17:04
zenlinux_yeah, I can take care of that - there are some guidelines on using the YP Compatible logo, so I'll make sure they are followed17:05
prpplaguezenlinux_: dandy17:05
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zenlinux_prpplague, is there  a way we can get the MinnowBoard home page to appear as like it does for Beagle?17:21
zenlinux_I know we want to use a separate namespace for our stuff, but I'm thinking for the top-level page, it would be nice to have it as a top-level entry on the wiki17:22
prpplaguezenlinux_: i thought we already had everything setup17:22
* prpplague looks17:22
zenlinux_right now we have the main page at - and I'm also noticing that a search for "MinnowBoard" from the search box returns no results17:23
prpplaguezenlinux_: yea sorry i didn't have the redirect enabled17:24
prpplaguezenlinux_: should be fixed now17:24
prpplaguezenlinux_: i'll check with wmat on the search items17:25
zenlinux_prpplague, excellent, thanks!17:25
zenlinux_a search for MinnowBoard now goes directly to that page - so that's working better now, too17:26
prpplaguezenlinux_: you registered on the wiki?17:28
prpplagueahh ok17:28
* mranostay dances in17:29
mranostaywhat is going on in the world of Minnow today?17:32
prpplaguemranostay: nothing just fishing17:34
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dm8tbrdynamite fishing?18:19
prpplaguedm8tbr: the only real way to fish18:21
dm8tbrI'm sure it's legal in texas18:21
mranostaydarwin awards all around18:35
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mranostaybradfa: oh you are in here too22:48
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mranostayis yocti the plural of yocto?23:57

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