Friday, 2013-04-05

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prpplaguedvhart: greetings17:11
dvharthey prpplague17:11
dvharthad to happen :)17:13
dvhartpeople being people and all17:13
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prpplaguedvhart / zenlinux we probably need to have a conference call with tracey to talk about what Lure boards need to be prioritized after design west....18:09
dvhartshould be doable in the weekly marketing call, no?18:10
prpplaguedvhart: thats probably fine18:10
zenlinuxyeah, let's do that during the marketing call. Tracey's on vacation and will be back next week18:25
prpplaguezenlinux: dandy, i would like to get some more info from Tracey on what kind of feedback/requests she got at posscon18:26
prpplagueav500 / koen can one of you op yocti?18:43
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koenI hope that weepul doesn't go crazy18:45
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