Sunday, 2013-04-07

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zenlinuxni neo_star18:56
neo_stardo u know the specs of minnowboard ?18:58
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zenlinuxneo_star, yes, is there something in mind you want to ask?19:06
zenlinux is a good starting point19:07
neo_stari am interested in this intel based board19:07
neo_starplaning to design a robot based on it19:08
neo_starfor this i need to know the size, weight, power consumption19:09
neo_starare these question too early to ask19:09
zenlinuxthe board is 4.2" square19:09
zenlinuxI guess I don't know the weight19:10
zenlinuxpower consumption is likely to change, but I've put a Kill-A-Watt on it and when loaded pretty heavily, I've seen it max out at 11-12W19:10
prpplagueneo_star: we'll be posting weight and power consumption in a few days19:10
prpplagueneo_star: kill-a-watt is not as accurate as you would want it to be for low power devices19:11
prpplagueneo_star: you can use a INA219 with a shunt resistor for more detail power measurements19:11
zenlinuxright, plus there may be some hardware optimizations we'll make in the final prototype19:11
neo_starwhen is the release date likely19:12
zenlinuxAs of now I believe we're aiming for availability in May19:12
neo_stargood to know19:13
zenlinuxWe're actually building a new prototype revision this weekend and should have a better idea on ship date once we've evaluated it this week.19:13
neo_starwhat is the price range ?19:13
zenlinuxMSRP will be under $200 (most likely $199)19:14
zenlinuxthat will include an A/C power adapter and microSD card with Angstrom distribution on it19:14
neo_stardo you expect to have different models ?19:17
zenlinuxno, just one model for the time being19:19
neo_starok thanks19:19
neo_starthats all i have for now19:19
neo_starthanks all19:19
zenlinuxhave a good one :)19:20
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mranostaymorning all20:13
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