Tuesday, 2013-04-09

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prpplaguedavest: dave's not here man......15:35
prpplaguezenlinux: ping15:35
davestprpplague: Ah, Cheech and Chong. A classic15:37
prpplaguedavest: just responded to your email15:37
* koen orders some more mSATA boads to be prepared for the lure15:38
davestprpplague: Please don't take me seriously15:38
prpplaguedavest: hehe15:38
koendavest: common mistake15:38
prpplaguedavest: remember koen said it, not me....15:39
zenlinuxhi prpplague15:40
prpplaguezenlinux: hey bud15:40
zenlinuxmorning - how goes the battle?15:41
prpplaguezenlinux: the "here be dragons" has be re-labeled as "watch out for the chiwawa"15:42
zenlinuxgood sign15:42
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* zenlinux_ gulps down more coffee16:29
prpplaguezenlinux_: hey quit hogging the coffee16:34
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* mranostay buys a round of virtual coffee for the room17:14
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prpplaguezenlinux: http://pastebin.com/rdxsZW8i20:03
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prpplaguejayabharath: hey bud!21:02
prpplaguejayabharath: sorry i haven't gotten a chance to do your recommendation, this darn fishing is getting in the way21:02
* prpplague makes a minnow joke21:02
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jayabharathprpplague, dont worry :) I am sure the fish is tough to catch :D21:09
mranostayprpplague: throw it back21:36
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* calculus goes to fish with a bacon lure21:47
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dvhartprpplague, ping22:21
dvhartprpplague, want to test an X3 Linux kernel image?22:21
dvhartprpplague, of course you do. URL sent ;-)22:28
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mranostaydvhart: leave poor prpplague alone!22:37
dvhartnuh uh22:41
dvhartthe more I harass him, the faster I'll get a board of my own to test ;-)22:42
dvhartyeah.... that logic works...22:42
prpplaguedvhart: trying to do the last minute tests with my image so we can get the boards shipped to you and lee22:43
prpplaguedvhart: will test after that22:43
dvhartprpplague, sure, just thought you might like early access to my X3 code22:43
* mranostay steals dvhart's mail22:44
* zenlinux just destroyed the rootfs of his desktop system :(22:45
prpplaguezenlinux: doh22:46
mranostaydd_rescue the wrong partition?22:46
zenlinuxI have backups, but not good enough for bare metal recovery, will need to reinstall the OS first22:46
zenlinuxgrub got messed up due to some new disk installation, and I used an ubuntu CD in recover mode, and accidentally let it start the install process22:46
zenlinuxthere goes the rest of my day22:47
prpplaguedvhart: should i be worried if the board is sparking and catches on fire with your test image?23:01
dvhartnah, that's normal23:02
dvharttell me you're kidding?23:02
dvhartoh fine, way to leave a guy hangin'23:03
calculusyou mean you didn't want smores with that board23:04
dvhartit's a feature23:04
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dvhartprpplague, version 002 is up, fixes a GPIO mapping issue23:13
dvhartprpplague, /debug/gpio looks good now23:13
prpplagueok, just finished logging the previous version23:14
dvhartsorry about that, wasn't obvious what was an X3 on X2 error and what was a real bug :)23:15
prpplaguedvhart: log sent23:16
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* mranostay faceplants into his keyboard23:51
* calculus watches the plants grow23:55
mranostaynon-drowsey allergy meds are a myth23:56
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