Wednesday, 2013-04-10

ka6soxI blame the Crackberry00:13
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dvhartkoen, ping16:02
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dvharttrying to repro your SRCPV failure16:03
koenfollow the instruction in
koenadd meta-minnow16:04
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dvhartcan you build fri2?16:04
dvhartbecause that uses it too16:04
koendvhart: btw, the layer.conf change commit in meta-intel/danny only works if you have a certain ordering in conf/bblayers.conf16:04
koendvhart: IOW: it broke, I had to revert it to get the bbappends to work again16:04
dvhartgot an interrupt.... biab16:05
dvhartkoen, okay, by all means report it on meta-intel and CC the author and committer :-_)16:12
dvhartkoen, do you see this linux-yocto fetcher failure before you added the minnow-x3 branch?16:13
koenI have that PV tweak locally16:17
dvhartAre you seeing this on fri2 as well?16:17
koen[koen@rrMBP v2012.12]$ find build/tmp-angstrom_v2012_12-eglibc/deploy/ipk/ | grep AUTOINC | wc -l16:18
dvhartI don't know when that AUTOINC thing crept in16:19
dvhartI think that is a bug16:19
koenI think bitbake is broken, but I can't downgrade, since I need the bugfixes and I can't upgrade because the next commit is the multi-line parse error16:19
koenthere's still 2-3 layers out there with a 'danny' branch that are glacially slow in responding to patches fixing those multi-line parse errors16:19
dvhartdo you have the following patch in your bitbake?16:20
dvhartcommit 0c687a8ca92e246827ad10dddc40273cf442357516:20
dvhartAuthor: Darren Hart <>16:20
dvhartDate:   Wed Jan 23 15:23:01 2013 -080016:20
dvhart    fetcher: Print the complete SRCREV var name when INVALID16:20
koenbitbake is at 7e3a99949358f4362876df5a82f8aeaae72c3c9716:20
koencommit 7e3a99949358f4362876df5a82f8aeaae72c3c9716:20
koenAuthor: Jessica Zhang <>16:20
koenDate:   Thu Jan 3 15:32:05 2013 -080016:20
koenso I guess not16:20
dvhartcan you pull in that patch, it should give you some better error messages16:21
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dvhartmight help us identify the bug16:21
koenhow can I pull in that patch?16:21
koenwithout forking bitbake16:21
dvhartthis is just temporary16:21
dvhartjust to test the build and get some debug16:21
dvhartso we can fix the parse/fetch error16:21
dvhartI suspect the bug is in the recipe, but I'm just not seeing it16:21
koen[koen@rrMBP bitbake]$ git cherry-pick 0c687a8ca92e246827ad10dddc40273cf442357516:21
dvhartit might also be in the fetcher16:22
koenfatal: bad object 0c687a8ca92e246827ad10dddc40273cf442357516:22
dvhartone sec, that's the poky hash16:22
koenI can really see how that combo layer is improving things16:22
dvharthad your meds today?16:22
dvhart$ git l | grep "Print the complete SRCREV"16:23
dvhart63774f5 bitbake: fetch2: Print the complete SRCREV variable name when INVALID16:23
dvharttry "git cherry-pick 63774f5"16:23
koenyou need MACHINE=not-minnow to trigger it16:27
dvhartah! if you said that before I missed it16:27
dvhartso that means we likely have something set that should be machine specific?16:28
koenall the SRCREV16:29
koenI guess adding SRCREV_machine_pn-linux-yocto ?? = "eadda01d959f96ed3d15d193a6cd8600ea4f97c9"16:29
koenSRCREV_meta_pn-linux-yocto ?? ="16:29
dvhartah yes, that would do it16:29
dvhartand that is what we do with the real linux-yocto_3.8 recipe iirc16:30
dvhartthis one in minnow pre-dated that and didn't have any sort of generic bits16:30
dvhartso those should match "standard/base" and "meta"16:30
dvhartI'll try parsing with MACHINE=not-minnow16:30
dvhartand if I can repro, will fix and push16:31
dvhartwill let you know either way in case I need you to test a patch if I can't repro16:31
* koen heads out to fetch groceries16:31
dvhartthanks koen16:32
prpplaguedvhart: you get your board?16:49
dvhartnot at my desk yet16:50
dvhartit can take shipping some time to move things around this campus16:50
dvhartI'll walk down and get it if I get blocked on it16:50
dvhartright now I have some source work to do16:50
dvhartkoen, I think I have this fixed, testing and will push shortly16:50
prpplaguedvhart: ok thanks16:51
prpplaguezenlinux: you get your board?16:51
* calculus gets in line too16:52
dvhartkoen, pushed16:53
zenlinuxprpplague, in a meeting16:56
prpplaguezenlinux: no worries, give me a shout when you have a free minute16:57
zenlinuxprpplague, fedex has another 20 minutes to deliver to me by the promised time17:11
* prpplague checks the tracking info17:12
prpplaguezenlinux: fedex tracking says it was delivered17:12
zenlinuxprpplague, you must be looking at dvhart's shipment17:13
prpplaguehmm good question17:13
* prpplague checks17:13
prpplagueahh indeed17:13
prpplaguetoo many irons in the fire17:14
zenlinuxlast time I had a fedex overnight delivery they delivered at the last moment, so I'm not concerned yet17:14
zenlinuxheh, just delivered!17:15
zenlinuxwhoa, new heatsink, nice color!17:16
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe i had i search around for that one17:17
prpplaguezenlinux: i was able to get the colored audio jacks as well17:18
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zenlinuxI'm a fan of both - they go with sea colors :)17:18
zenlinuxprpplague, oh, the beacon board isn't a lure? looks like it just connects to the gpio headers?17:20
prpplaguezenlinux: yea it's still a "lure" but it's an example of how to use the 2x5 gpio header17:22
* prpplague thought zenlinux looked at the beacon lure page 17:22
zenlinuxI'm not sure if I'm going to use that in the video shoot today, honestly17:22
zenlinuxno biggie17:23
prpplaguezenlinux: ok, no worries17:24
prpplaguezenlinux: beacon is intended as an example of how to use the 2x5 gpio header for small projects17:27
prpplaguezenlinux: feedback and/or comments are certainly welcome...... i had hoped to get feedback prior to ordering them....17:31
zenlinuxprpplague, I'm not being critical about this at all - I think the beacon board is great. I just thought "Lure" meant that it connected via the Lure expansion header, and so made some assumptions that weren't correct17:32
zenlinuxI look forward to trying it out soon, just am slammed with reviewing resumes and preparing for the video shoot this afternoon17:33
prpplaguezenlinux: ahh17:33
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* dvhart heads to shipping to pick up an X318:06
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dvhartand the all important minnow_led[01] LED test works18:32
dvhartNIC is up18:32
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dvhartprpplague, hrm, something is wrong with the hwid lines (or the driver for them):18:38
dvhart gpio-252 (minnow_gpio_hwid0   ) out lo18:38
dvhart gpio-253 (minnow_gpio_hwid1   ) out lo18:38
dvhart gpio-254 (minnow_gpio_hwid2   ) out lo18:38
dvhartheh, yes18:39
dvhartmaybe they should be inputs18:39
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dvhartI think when I writing it I was thinking "we're setting these to 001" setting=output18:40
dvhartfunny how easy it is to invert perspective18:40
dvharteasy fix18:40
dvhartprpplague, missing LED0 and LED1 labels18:40
dvhartI see you managed to squeeze in LineIn and LineOut though :-)18:40
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prpplaguedvhart: yea we  have a note on the missing LED labels18:41
dvhartgreat, I'm keeping a list as well18:41
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dvhartMinnowBoard Init18:50
dvhart        MinnowBoard Hardware ID: 118:50
dvhart        MinnowBoard LVDS Detect: 018:50
prpplaguedvhart: make sure you push your changes so i can test this evening18:51
dvhartI'll be hacking most of the day18:51
prpplaguedvhart: double check the lvds detect to make sure it is configured for input as well18:52
dvhartyeah, I got that one right the first time :-)18:53
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dvhartprpplague, the repo will be rebasing btw18:54
dvhartit is just a braindump atm18:54
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mranostaybradfa: boo!19:09
bradfamranostay, gah!19:10
* dvhart sends prpplague a beer for the usb console now being host powered. Thank you sir.19:20
koendvhart: FetchError: Fetcher failure: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI19:28
koendvhart: you made the SRC_URI machine specific, but not the SRCREVs19:29
koenso it's still broken for !minnow19:29
dvhartkoen, fixed19:30
dvhartplease pull and try again19:31
dvharttrying to do too many things at once19:31
dvhartI don't want you blocked, but I'm also trying to keep my head in the platform code - thanks for being patient19:31
koendvhart: what's with the SRC_URI +=?19:35
dvhartI just find it easier to add/remove things with += than with multi line strings19:36
dvhartany reason not to use it?19:36
dvhartI use it in BBLAYERS as well19:36
koenparsing overhead19:36
dvhartfair enough19:36
dvhartwe can remove it in the final one19:36
dvhartI added the user.cfg just to make your development easier through the dev cycle19:37
dvhartit shouldn't be there in the final BSP19:37
dvhartNoted for future reference though, will stick to multi-line strings in recipes19:37
dvhartkeeping += in my bblayers19:37
koenbeing anal about these things has helped me a lot over the years19:38
koenvery few of the recipes I wrote break when RP tightens the bitbake parser again19:38
dvhartkoen, absolutely, I appreciate the feedback19:38
dvhartkoen, I think you may have noticed I tend to be a bit of a pedant myself ;-)19:39
koentriple personality according the MLH, right?19:39
dvhartuh huh :-)19:39
dvharttry to play it down at home, but I make up for it professionally ;-)19:39
dvhartprpplague, hrm, gpio0-3 appear to be stuck at the strapping values :/19:40
* dvhart goes to check the schematic19:40
prpplaguedvhart: core or pch?19:40
dvhartcore 0-319:41
dvhartthe buttons19:41
dvhartstill digging, could be my problem... but the event driver is responding accordingly, so things appear to be "wired up" right in software19:41
prpplaguethey should be reading as inputs and a value of 1 by default19:41
dvhart gpio-0   (minnow_btn0         ) in  hi19:41
dvhart gpio-1   (minnow_btn1         ) in  lo19:41
dvhart gpio-2   (minnow_btn2         ) in  lo19:41
dvhart gpio-3   (minnow_btn3         ) in  lo19:41
dvhartthat's with none pressed19:42
prpplagueok, let me check19:42
koendvhart: /proc/interrupts should give you the press count19:42
dvhartI've asked lee to check using his firmware tool as well19:42
dvharthrm, I see the pch gpio in there... not the lpc sch yet....19:43
dvhartprpplague, lee is seeing the same thing from firmware19:45
dvhartwha woa19:45
prpplaguedvhart: yea there is a pop issue19:45
dvhart"pop" ?19:45
prpplaguelooking now19:45
dvhartOK, FYI, I just found our board rework lab locally19:46
dvhartso if you identify a fix, I might be able to handle it locally19:46
dvhartnot sure it will be any faster though :-)19:46
dvhartkoen, I take it linux-yocto-minnow is no longer breaking angstrom parsing?19:47
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prpplaguedvhart: ping20:05
prpplaguedvhart: hey, i am testing with mainline kernel, core gpio 3:0 seems to be claimed by something so i can't export them, any clue what that might be?20:06
dvhartprpplague, cat /debug/gpio20:07
dvhartthat will tell you20:07
dvhartif you haven't mounted it, do20:07
dvhartmkdir /debug20:07
dvhartmount none -t debugfs /debug20:07
prpplaguedvhart: yea it doesn't report anything20:07
* prpplague is familiar with debugfs20:08
dvhartok.... so the kernel says something requested the lines, but /debug/gpio doesn't even list them?20:08
dvhartI don't know why that would be20:09
prpplaguei'll track it down, just didn't know if there was some kernel config magic related to those core gpios20:09
dvhartcan you send me the output?20:09
dvhartI.... don't think so20:09
dvhartdo you have my lpc_sch fix?20:09
dvhartdmesg | grep WDT20:10
prpplaguedvhart: lpc_sch 0000:00:1f.0: Decode of the WDT I/O range disabled20:10
dvhartright, you need my patch20:11
prpplagueahh ok20:11
dvhartand it isn't going to master until 3.1020:11
dvhartso.... any reason you're not using my tree?20:11
dvhartit's pretty much 3.8 with minnow fixes20:11
dvhartyou're likely to continue to trip on stuff I've already fixed20:11
prpplaguedvhart: hehe guess we have a communcation issue, i thought you told me to hold off on using it yesterday20:11
dvhartno, go ahead and use it20:12
dvhartjust understand that it is under heavy devel20:12
dvhartwill rebase, etc20:12
dvhartI'll push current state now20:12
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prpplaguedvhart: you have a default kernel included to use with the minnow?20:12
prpplagueyea sorry was interrupted while typing20:13
dvhartit's there now :-)20:13
dvhartexport ARCH=i386 make20:14
dvhartwell... you get the idea20:14
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* mranostay minnows in21:06
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