Thursday, 2013-04-11

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prpplaguezenlinux: ping01:21
zenlinuxprpplague, hey hey01:21
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prpplaguezenlinux: hey i just sent out a spreadsheet with the validation test matrix, please give me feedback on any additional tests asap03:16
zenlinuxprpplague, that's a lot more tests than I would have been able to come up with - I can't add much myself03:34
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe and that is the short list03:35
prpplaguezenlinux: i'll start the thermal and power testing next week after things settle down03:35
zenlinuxas long as the magic blue smoke stays inside, I'm happy03:36
prpplaguezenlinux: that is no fun03:38
prpplaguezenlinux: iirc you aren't going to make it to design west, is that correct?03:38
zenlinuxbut I'll be at Maker Faire bay area03:39
prpplaguezenlinux: ok dandy03:40
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dvhartprpplague, did you configure in the PCH_UART_CONSOLE?21:18
prpplaguedvhart: on a conference call atm, but iirc i did21:19
dvharthrm, your kernel spits out "*" to the serial console using my boot kernel params21:19
prpplaguedvhart: i've been using that image for the last four or five days for testing21:19
dvhartI'm sure it boots21:19
dvhartbut you appear to be using a different console parameter21:20
prpplaguedvhart: yea, i have a different set21:20
prpplaguedvhart: i'll get those for you after this call21:20
* dvhart tries console=uart8250,io,0x2058,115200n821:20
* mranostay eyes bleed21:21
dvhartthat's not it21:21
dvhartyeah, ttyPCH0,115200 is much easier :-)21:22
dvhartthe former is sometimes needed for things like earlyprintk21:22
dvhartprpplague, got it, you don't have the pch_uart minnow support patches21:32
dvhartso I added the user_uart parm21:32
dvhartpch_gbe: Error: busy bit is not cleared21:32
prpplaguedvhart: yea that is stock mainline kernel21:32
dvhartso your kernel also fails here21:33
prpplaguedvhart: ok so then it sounds like a hardware failure21:33
prpplaguedvhart: that was one of the first boards off the line and we didn't have much burn-in on them21:33
prpplaguedvhart: you'll be getting a replacement tomorrow ofcourse21:34
dvhartthanks for helping to confirm21:34
prpplaguedvhart: i do want that one back to determine the root cause of the failure21:34
dvhartprpplague, nah, I'm going clay pigeon shooting after work today and I'm short on pigeons21:34
prpplaguedvhart: hehe21:35
dvhartgunna fix'it good21:35
prpplaguedvhart: shouldn't that be a fish metaphor instead?21:35
dvhartyeah... but somehow throwing it in the creek and stabbing it with a spear didn't have the same ring to it?21:35
prpplaguedvhart: maybe using it for chumming? ??21:37
dvharthehe. indeed21:37
dvhartok, so I'm going to clean up this mess that is my x3 branch21:37
dvharthaving my dev tree out there feels like running around without any clothes on21:38
dvhartand will have something cleaner to test tomorrow21:38
prpplaguedvhart: argh! Intel marketing call just used the word "paradigm"21:40
prpplaguedvhart: if someone says "synergy" i am going to hang up.....21:41
* dvhart wonders why prpplague is in the marketing meeting21:44
prpplaguedvhart: i'll be representing CCO for the Yocto panel at design west21:45
dvhartah, sorry man ;)21:45
calculuswhat day is that panel?21:47
mranostayprpplague: yocto all things!21:48
calculusoh wait, I would probably only get the free expo pass thing21:48
prpplaguecalculus: wednesday21:48
prpplaguecalculus: i'll check to see what we can do on that if you are attending21:48
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dvhartprpplague, does circuitco have a PCI Vendor ID?22:39
prpplaguedvhart: no as the only pci products we have done the vendor id was provided by the vendor(i.e. TI)22:40
dvharthrm, wondering if that might make more sense for the Sub Vendor/Device22:40
dvhartstill digging into that22:40
prpplaguedvhart: let us know22:41
dvhartyeah will do, what a pain22:41
prpplaguedvhart: specially if there is $$ or lead time involved22:41
dvhartyeah understood, still trying to understand how this is typically managed22:41
prpplaguedvhart: beacon lure is alive22:51
dvhartcool :)22:51
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mranostayyou monster!23:16
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