Monday, 2013-04-15

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zenlinux_prpplague, good morning15:44
prpplaguezenlinux_: gareetins15:44
zenlinux_do I need to return that beacon board you sent me, or should that be safe to use with the x3?15:44
prpplaguezenlinux_: it needs to be returned, there was a white wire fix that needs to be done15:45
zenlinux_ok, I'll send that back with my un-reworked X3 today15:45
prpplaguezenlinux_: we are planning to ship you a re-worked one today15:45
prpplaguezenlinux_: that's what happens when you design a board in 2 hours after a 18 hour work day :(15:45
zenlinux_guess you're just not l33t enough, prpplague ;)15:46
prpplaguezenlinux_: hehe indeed15:46
prpplaguezenlinux_: tracey is suppose to be reviewing names for beacon board15:46
prpplaguezenlinux_: i think Shinner Lure came up, hehe15:46
zenlinux_um, the definition of that I just read doesn't sound like it would be wise15:47
prpplaguezenlinux_: oh?15:48
* prpplague googles15:48
zenlinux_ a member or supporter of Sinn Féin15:48
av500not Shinner15:49
zenlinux_ah, prpplague spelled it with two 'n's above15:49
av500after an 18h work day15:49
prpplagueyea sorry my bad, not enough coffee yet today15:49
zenlinux_no worries15:49
prpplaguezenlinux_: just one n15:49
prpplaguezenlinux_: i have some bash shell script examples on how to bit bang the interfaces -
zenlinux_actually, I think I'm going to try to explore that w/o looking at that code, as a fun exercise15:51
zenlinux_"in my copious free time"15:51
prpplaguezenlinux_: hehe, ok no worries15:51
prpplaguezenlinux_: there is a tutorial on the 595 shift register linked on the beacon lure page15:51
prpplaguezenlinux_: the datasheet for the ws2801 pwm controller is there as well15:52
prpplaguezenlinux_: 3 gpios for the 595, and 2 gpios for the ws280115:52
zenlinux_roger that15:52
prpplaguezenlinux_: basiclly we can push the 2x5 gpio header to people the way they used to "hack" around with the parallel port on older pcs15:53
prpplaguezenlinux_: i've got a "todo" item for creating a document on converting an old parport project over to the minnow15:54
zenlinux_mmm...the days of parpin15:54
prpplaguedvhart: you tried lee's new audio firmware?15:55
prpplaguezenlinux_: your board working well?15:55
av500prpplague: ever heard of loops? :)15:55
dvhartprpplague, yes, the device shows up, the mixer works, the audio output appears to be stuck in a short loop15:55
zenlinux_actually, I'm headed into the office today to get my reworked X3, the un-reworked one booted fine though15:55
av500I heard they do wonders in programming15:55
prpplagueav500: yea quick and dirty for testing15:58
prpplagueav500: planning to rework it15:59
prpplagueav500: just needed to validate the hardware15:59
av500I know16:00
prpplagueav500: hehe16:00
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zenlinuxI don't have a power supply for a MB handy right now, it's positive tip, correct?18:37
dm8tbrhaven't seen anything else in a long while18:38
dm8tbrjust check for ground using a multimeter?18:38
mdpprpplague, make parport fashionable again..ftw18:39
prpplaguezenlinux: yes, for regulated wall-warts, tip is positive18:39
mranostaymorning friends, enemies, and yoctopuses18:44
mranostayprpplague: usually :)18:44
mranostay95% of the time18:44
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* dvhart gets a new hat reading "audio driver developer", let's see how it fits19:34
mranostaydvhart: please tell me it isn't a hipster hat20:26
* dvhart shrugs, I wouldn't know :020:26
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mranostaydvhart: this -->
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