Tuesday, 2013-04-16

mranostayzenlinux: so does anyone in this channel besides prp^2 even have a minnowboard? :)00:46
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* prpplague throws fish food at the minnows01:15
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zenlinuxmranostay, also dvhart02:23
zenlinuxoh, and koen02:23
* mranostay wants to stab the tax man right now02:24
mranostaynothing like a state trying to shake you down for income taxes (when you didn't live in it)02:25
koenzenlinux: I have no minnowboard at all05:24
zenlinuxstill none? I would hope one would be on its way to you by now05:24
koendunno why05:25
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* av500 points out he has no minnowboard either06:02
* av500 has to do all the mocking from pure conjecture06:02
* dm8tbr can mock based on his FRI206:02
* av500 does not have that either06:03
dm8tbrshould have stayed in BCN long enough for the yocto thing06:05
av500coulda woulda shoulda06:09
av500dm8tbr: we missed this: http://www.eyescreamandfriends.com/06:10
av500dm8tbr: ...An Overview of the Tizen Native Application Framework...06:22
av500so native is still a story06:22
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dm8tbrav500: heh07:11
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koendm8tbr: FRI2 isn't working either07:23
koenbuggy firmware bricked it07:23
av500boot from sdcard....07:25
koenit's intel07:26
koenno ROM, only bios07:26
koenand bios shat itself07:26
koenaccording to intel I need to desolder the SPI flash and replace it with one that has a pristine bios07:26
koenbecause FRI2 has no dediprog/jtag/whatever to recover07:27
av500sounds simple07:28
koenexcept that scheduling DHL to pick it up from my office is apparently rocket science for my coworkers in texas07:29
koenbut hey07:29
koenwho needs software support during minnow launch?07:29
av500to texas to solder it?07:30
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koenyes, to desolder it, flash a new one,  and solder it07:42
av500send it here :)07:48
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prpplaguezenlinux: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101339419642360856354/posts/MFc5mJKUAys17:04
prpplaguedvhart: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^617:04
dvharta MinnowSchool17:05
calculusav500: there you go, prpplague has them all17:28
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*** yocti sets mode: +o prpplague20:05
*** prpplague sets mode: +o dvhart20:05
*** prpplague sets mode: +o zenlinux20:05
*** prpplague sets mode: +o mdp20:06
mdpI'll not allow the power to go to my head20:18
prpplaguemdp: hehe20:33
prpplaguezenlinux: ping20:33
prpplaguezenlinux: you around?20:33
zenlinuxprpplague, yo20:43
prpplaguezenlinux: oh there you are20:45
prpplaguezenlinux: just sent an email instead20:45
* prpplague points zenlinux to check his inbox20:46
zenlinuxthanks, I'll take a look and comment20:47
zenlinuxprpplague, actually, I think your comment was perfect, I won't jump in unless there are additional follow-up questions about it20:49
prpplagueif someone hands me one more thing to do today, i think i am going to screaming up and down the interstate highway21:15
* calculus hands prpplague a checkbox to fill in: [ ]21:27
* calculus goes to watch the news in anticipation of screaming man on highway21:27
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