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calculusprpplague: pong00:06
calculusheading home in a bit00:07
prpplaguecalculus: see /msg00:08
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mranostaypriv msgs!03:59
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jwesselIs there a schematic for the board laying around anywhere or at least something that states the power requirements?16:04
prpplaguejwessel: nothing posted as of yet, we will  be posting that towards the end of next week16:04
prpplaguejwessel: the power supply with be a +5v regulated supply with a recommendation of min of 2A16:05
prpplaguejwessel: but there is a lot of considerations for that16:05
prpplaguejwessel: so if you are wanting to operate on batteries or some other low power operation, there are things that can be done16:06
jwesselI need to get a power supply setup for it.16:06
jwesselIs it a positive tip or negative tip?16:06
prpplaguejwessel: regulated supplies are basically standardized as tip positive, one sec and i can give you a link16:11
jwesselprpplague: I do have a bench power supply which I can just configure.  I just didn't want to hook it up backwards.16:12
prpplaguejwessel: ahh ok16:12
jwesselSince I didn't pay attention to how Scott had it hooked up the last time I saw it, I need to figure out which port is the serial port (eg which port is the one with the pl2303 wired up to the UART).16:14
jwesselThe diagram says mini usb-b, and there is only one of those, so I should be good.16:14
prpplaguejwessel: it's actually a FT232, and that will depend on what other devices you have installed16:14
jwesselI have the driver for the RT232 so no big deal.16:15
prpplaguejwessel: indeed16:16
prpplaguejwessel: windows or linux client?16:16
jwesselAs if there is anything else other than Linux :-)16:16
prpplaguejwessel: hehe just making sure16:16
jwesselI haven't run win32 on bare metal since 2003.16:17
prpplaguejwessel: hehe16:17
jwesselTransitioning to the Linux team at Wind River came with the need to run Linux as your primary workstation.16:17
prpplaguejwessel: just fyi i am on a conference call in prep for design west, responses may be delayed16:17
koenminnow + beacon + sata SSD are idling at 5V/1.4A here16:18
jwesselNo worries.  Thanks for the information.16:18
koenduring bootup it goes up to 1.8A16:18
jwesselWhat is beacon?16:18
dm8tbrmmm bacon16:18
prpplaguekoen: btw, J4 can be used to power the sata drive16:20
koenI have a bananajack -> molex hooked up to my bench supply16:21
koenand banana -> 2.5mm as well16:21
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prpplaguejwessel: not sure if you got the url for the beacon...
prpplaguejwessel: just a small gpio board for experimentation/learning16:41
jwesselprpplague: I got it.16:41
jwesselI just acquired the cables I needed.  I have the minnow up to the UEFI prompt.16:41
prpplaguejwessel: dandy16:41
jwesselNow I'll build an image and such.16:41
prpplaguejwessel: let me know if you need a beacon lure, trainer lure, or breakout lure16:41
jwesselI'll have the experiment up and running by the end of the day.16:41
jwesselprpplague: I guess it depends what you want me to demonstrate. :-)16:46
jwesselTom Z and I are speaking at the M2M conference in Chicago.16:47
prpplaguejwessel: ahh16:51
jwesselI don't know if Tom Z has a board or not.   I'll have WRL and a software stack running by next week.16:52
jwesselI am also re-doing the UEFI "stuff" and I'll get an RFC out to Darren sometime just after that for consideration for oe-core 1.5.16:53
zenlinuxjwessel, I sent Tom a board the other day, since he's going to be doing a talk & demo in early June17:13
zenlinuxHe should have it next week17:13
jwesselzenlinux: Can you net boot the board out of curiousity?17:20
zenlinuxjwessel, not yet, support is planned but not a big priority last I heard17:28
zenlinuxas in pxe boot17:29
jwesselIt was purely curiosity, not a requirement.17:29
prpplaguejwessel: i'll see if can get you a beacon shipped asap17:40
jwesselprpplague: Thanks.17:41
prpplaguejwessel: we are in the last lap for design west, so we'll see if we can get that done17:41
mranostaymorning friends, enemies and trolls18:42
prpplaguemranostay: greetings earthling18:42
* mranostay keeps weird for prpplague 18:44
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* jwessel almost had it working21:29
jwesselThe vga and usb keyboard were working fine but the serial goes away after the hand off from grub -> the kernel.  I suspect it is a kernel config issue.21:29
jwesselAfter resolve that I'll try and get the touch display I have working properly.21:30
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