Wednesday, 2013-04-24

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mranostayzenlinux: well in the city probably near the Blue Line02:30
zenlinuxyeah, living near the max is a good livability move02:31
mranostaymy car will annoying at some point :)02:32
mranostayzenlinux: parking spots are on par with SF in cost :)02:32
zenlinuxdowntown, I believe it02:32
mranostayrent is much lower02:32
zenlinuxthe city has actually been encouraging developers to create apartment buildings and condos w/o parking02:33
mranostayzenlinux: i've heard04:07
mranostaywhich is great but being out of the area i can't just give up my car the second i get there:P04:07
mranostayzenlinux: so how is the internet in Portlandia area?04:10
* mranostay notes it can't be worse than the bay area04:10
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* calculus agrees06:06
calculusI have been having a horrible experience with att over the past two weeks06:06
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sledgeshya :)11:07
* av500 hides11:07
* sledges chases after11:11
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* av500 throws an Intel CPU cooler at sledges11:14
* sledges dodges it away with a large trout (or sailfish)11:15
av500one does not simly dodge a stock intel cooler11:16
av500the noise stuns you11:16
av500leaves you paralazed11:17
* sledges has seen many odd embedded dev boards with mini fans or at least a heatsink on :)11:19
av500same here11:19
av500my 8core DSP board has a fan11:19
sledgeshow would those perform in a sealed box :D11:19
av500and the omap5 board has a fan too11:20
av500though its early silicon11:20
* sledges drools11:24
av500it's ES1.011:26
av500so basically useless now as TI has shifted to ES2.011:26
* sledges completely forgot omapabandonness :)11:30
dm8tbrsledges: you can buy the omap5 uevm - it's just that nobody seems to care11:48
sledgeseyes on BB Black (not talking about blackberries ;)11:49
dm8tbryeah, the BBB is awesome12:35
dm8tbrbut the Minnow also looks interesting12:39
dm8tbrwhich reminds me to play with the FRI2... :/12:39
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sledgeshow much i$ FRI2 dm8tbr ?13:25
dm8tbrtooo much if Intel doesn't give you one for free13:32
sledgesany estimates/speculations on Minnow's price ?13:37
sledgesthat sounds more of an estimate rather than speculation :)13:38
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dm8tbrIIRC it was <200usd, but I forgot the details14:18
dm8tbrbtw: who's responsible of the website?14:20
* dm8tbr prods zenlinux 14:20
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sledgeswhat is the Minnow's linux binary blob availability on GMA600 (wrt 2d/3d/videodec) ?16:15
koenfreely downloadable16:31
koenalmost like it's nephew in the TI SoCs16:31
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dvhartoh hell yes23:22
dvhartmodular kernel builds, boots, proper mod dependencies, gpio phy reset works, ping works23:22
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