Thursday, 2013-04-25

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* mranostay yawns01:26
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mdphi mranostay02:47
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* mranostay yoctos in03:38
* koen sprinkls some tizen dust on mranostay 05:11
mranostayoh noes05:12
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dm8tbrso anyone know about the website and the irc logs?08:07
dm8tbrthey end in march08:07
dm8tbrI have full logs from DevBot if anyone cares08:07
dm8tbrlinks to
av500logs are evil08:23
koeneven natural logs?08:23
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mranostaykoen: +115:47
dm8tbrmranostay: 2x Dell R710, so intel. quite the beasts15:55
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mranostaydm8tbr: x86 all things?17:55
dm8tbrat least when it comes to servers17:56
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mranostaydm8tbr: no ARM servers for you?18:19
dm8tbrI'd love to try ARM servers18:20
dm8tbrespecially with virtualization18:20
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