Monday, 2013-04-29

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zenlinux_good morning all16:57
zenlinux_Got the "MinnowBoard Fish Picker-Upper" to work by LinuxFest Northwest last weekend:
prpplaguezenlinux_: good trip?16:59
zenlinux_yes, the fest was a great event. I understand over 1200 people attended (more than 1300 if you include family members)17:00
prpplaguezenlinux_: how was the reception of the minnow?17:01
prpplaguezenlinux_: can i share the video?17:01
zenlinux_prpplague, not yet - I need to make a second video of the demo where I explain what's going on, people may not realize what it's doing17:02
zenlinux_the reception was great17:02
prpplaguezenlinux_: ok17:02
prpplaguezenlinux_: dandy17:02
zenlinux_I had people lining the walls of my talk and sitting on the floor. Robots are a great draw. :)17:02
prpplaguezenlinux_: hehe17:02
prpplaguezenlinux_: so we need to sync up on the lure meeting17:02
prpplaguezenlinux_: i am _almost_ recovered from design west17:02
av500zenlinux: just saw that robot hand in a catalogue here, it is just motors or servos?17:03
av500does it tell you to position?17:04
zenlinux_just motors, which made things very challenging17:04
zenlinux_Had to do a lot of timing tests, and I modified the case so I could put some reliable DC power into it instead of relying on batteries17:05
zenlinux_You can only place a "fish" along a 6-inch radius of the arm, because the pick-up/put-down operation is a canned routine sensitive to timing17:06
zenlinux_The OpenCV part of it only involves rotating the base and centering on the object17:06
av500minnow cpu too weak?17:06
av500maybe add a DSP17:06
zenlinux_av500, no, the ARM sucks too much ;)17:07
zenlinux_if I had a servo-based arm I would have mounted the webcam to the jaws and had more options17:07
zenlinux_I may still do that in a later poject17:07
zenlinux_My main goal was to make this demo affordable and replicable, so I stuck with the OWI arm, which is < $5017:08
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mranostayso why is davest in Turkey?17:58
prpplaguemranostay: sebatical18:04
av500sabatical even18:05
mranostayah right every seven years18:05
mranostayprpplague: see this is the plus of not being a contractor :P18:06
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prpplagueav500: yea never said i could spell18:47
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mranostayprpplague: but you can party right?18:54
prpplaguemranostay: sure18:55
prpplagueav500: hehe, i can't believe those folks think that they are the first ones to ever come up with the idea of putting an onboard arduino, hehe19:26
av500its boring19:27
av500all these dev boards lately are boring19:27
av500so they need to add a twist19:27
prpplagueav500: did you see nipuna was at the linuxfest thing up in seattle the past weekend, hehe, he manned the booth, hehe19:34
prpplagueav500: don't suppose you know if thomas rucker is on irc?19:35
av500he is19:38
av500in beagle and panda19:38
prpplagueand here as well19:45
prpplagueav500: for some reason i had it in my head that dm8tbr was Marek VaĊĦut's nick19:46
prpplagueav500: hehe, still not recovered from design west19:47
* prpplague is tired and needs army coffee19:47
mranostayprpplague: why was he manning the pandboard booth19:49
mranostaya) doesn't exist anymore b) he is at the Borg now19:49
av500where is nhg now?19:49
prpplaguemranostay: hehe no clue19:52
prpplaguemranostay: said SV paid for the booth19:52
prpplaguemranostay: they asked if he'd man it19:52
prpplaguemranostay: but no one from sv showed up19:52
prpplagueav500: microsoft19:53
prpplagueav500: he's a project manager for some of their tablet/phone projects19:53
mranostayprpplague: i hope evil pays well19:55
mranostayi wouldn't touch that unmarketable skills set with a 6 foot pole19:56
mranostayprpplague: maybe  high 6 figure salary though :P20:02
prpplaguemranostay: yea suspect so20:02
calculusI did a pandaboard-beagleboard combo booth in February20:46
calculusI had my pandaboard demo on a bamboo tablemat20:47
prpplaguecalculus: hehe20:49
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mranostaywb dvhart23:03
mranostayso is Concast the only ISP choice in the portland area.....?23:05
mranostaythat is no typo either23:05
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dvhartmranostay, I use Frontier FiOS23:12
dvhartbut, it depends on the area23:12
dvhartFrontier hasn't made it into the city proper iirc23:13

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