Wednesday, 2013-05-01

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mranostayhi Jayneil103:09
Jayneil1Hi Matt!03:10
mranostayJayneil1: how is it in the TX?03:12
Jayneil1pretty good.. love the weather.. :-) wbu?03:12
mranostayabout to move  from perfect to weather to a rainy place :P03:13
mranostayJayneil1: only 35C? :P03:14
ds2did any minnowboards take to the water?03:15
mranostayds2: eh?03:15
Jayneil1Portland? Nice.. Ha Ha.. Since I am originally from India where it is very hot, I like the hot weather.. :P03:16
mranostayi think everyone can guess who i'm going to be working for :P03:17
mranostayJayneil1: you like hot?03:18
* mranostay lived in the South for _ONE YEAR_03:18
Jayneil1mranostay: Yup I like hot. Intel.. nice.. on minnowboard?03:19
mranostaynot minnowboard as official duties :)03:20
ds2the FR2 is your official job, right? :D03:22
Jayneil1mranostay: I see.. nice.. FT or contract/consultant..? I am going to be joining Intel from Monday..03:23
mranostayfull time03:24
mranostayJayneil1: minnowboard stuff?03:26
Jayneil1mranostay: Awesome! Yes..03:27
mranostayheh hillsboro's main phone number is ends in 808004:00
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mranostayprpplague: the plague!05:43
dm8tbrgood moaning05:49
mranostaycrap the sweds are here05:49
zenlinuxbreak out the swedish fish!05:50
mranostayso lloyd district of portland is safe and cool right?05:55
* dm8tbr throws mranostay a can of surstromling at mranostay 06:06
dm8tbr for those who wonder06:07
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* mranostay minnows in15:48
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prpplaguewow the channel looks pretty full today16:33
prpplaguezenlinux_: do you know if lee or dvhart are joining the channel today? i have some questions reguarding pcie16:34
prpplaguejwessel: i think zenlinux_ has your minnow board coming to him16:35
prpplaguejwessel: might want to check with him on the status16:35
zenlinux_prpplague, no idea about lee, but I'm assuming dvhart will join later today16:35
prpplaguezenlinux_: ok thanks16:35
zenlinux_prpplague, jwessel - no - I sent jwessel a board already, the one coming in is for another person16:35
jwesselprpplague: What do you mean?16:35
jwesselI already have mine running WR Linux :-)16:36
prpplaguezenlinux_: we have a few of the test lures built up and i need to do some testing with generic pcie cards16:36
prpplaguezenlinux_: ahh ok16:36
prpplaguejwessel: misunderstanding on my part16:36
jwesselNo worries.16:36
prpplaguejwessel: feedback on accessory boards is greatly appreciated16:36
jwesselprpplague: I do not have any accessory devices.16:37
prpplaguejwessel: right, sorry let me rephrase16:37
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prpplaguejwessel: suggestions and/or requests for specific accessory boards would be appreciated16:37
prpplaguejwessel: if you aren't already signed up on , it would be good for you to do so16:37
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jwesselI am not sure if I have an account there or not.  If so it is from years and years ago.16:38
prpplaguezenlinux_: did we scare you away? hehe16:39
calculusooo, more lures have been added since I last looked16:39
calculusor at least ideas for some16:39
prpplaguecalculus: yea16:40
prpplaguecalculus: i need to update a few things as well16:40
prpplaguecalculus: the automotive lure seems to be getting a bunch of interest16:40
calculusit says beacon is type-c, what is the lure that connects on the gpio ribbon cable thing?16:41
* jwessel doesn't see the wifi / bluetooth and or router lure16:42
calculusprpplague: the one I saw at design west16:42
prpplaguecalculus: yea the description for type-c needs to be updated16:42
prpplaguecalculus: the type-c is via the gpio 2x5 header16:42
jwesselSure I can plug these things into USB, but I would assume you could also do it with a lure.16:42
* jwessel wanted to mount the minnow board to an RC car16:43
jwesselBut I also don't want to break it either.16:43
* calculus hands jwessel some rubber bumpers16:43
calculusthe router one is a good idea too, another gige on the pcie expansion16:44
prpplaguejwessel: the wifi/bt is going to be via a mPCIe lure16:44
prpplaguejwessel: another item i am working on specs for16:45
jwesselprpplague: You could certainly do that, but I was thinking form factor wise about having some enets on there and the whole wifi.16:45
jwesselThe minnow board can fit under the seat of my daughters Power Wheels ATV (yes it is pink).16:45
jwesselI am not sure if it would fit with the arduio board, plus a motor shield or not.16:46
jwesselBut it could drive some relays for the stop and go and a motor or servo for the steering and of course the obligatory webcam.16:47
jwesselThe M2M aspect can come into play with the bluetooth enabled children's stop light, because after all you want traffic preemption ;-)16:48
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prpplaguejwessel: indeed we can do several different options16:57
prpplaguejwessel: i'll keep that in mind16:57
prpplaguejwessel: go ahead and get re-registered on elinux, feedback would be appreciated there16:57
prpplaguecalculus: replied to your email17:23
calculusprpplague: thanks17:40
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neofobwhat is the range of md5sum speed of minnowboard? say, a simple openssl md5sum test?18:04
prpplagueneofob: not something that i have in my test matrix18:08
prpplagueneofob: if you have a specific example of a test you want run i can include it in the matrix, along with results from some other platforms18:08
neofobprpplague: i'm curious how fast it can do `openssl speed -evp md5` it can indicates the baseline for md5sum18:12
neofobthe gluster uses md5.h from openssl so...18:12
prpplagueneofob: i'll add that to my test matrix18:13
neofobprpplague: the openwrt folks have some numer, checkout
prpplagueneofob: check back in a few days18:13
prpplagueneofob: thanks18:13
prpplagueneofob: not sure if i have openssl installed on my test image18:15
prpplagueneofob: let me check18:15
prpplagueneofob: a quick run on an un-optimized angstrom distro running from a sata hd -
neofobprpplague: thanks18:26
prpplagueneofob: how do those values fit into your expectations?18:28
neofobprpplague: a bit under, i was expecting around 200M/s or more like AMD Fusion series18:31
neofobI meant the E-350 or so18:31
neofobbut the number could be better with recompilation of openssl to use the fancy Intel instructions :D18:32
biotI'm a little embarrassed to note that my desktop only does about double that little minnow's results18:33
biotwith -DMD5_ASM, apparently18:34
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prpplagueneofob: sorry dropped off18:37
neofobperhaps a lure board with a crypto engine? I can see IO intense apps for this18:38
prpplagueneofob: how do those values fit into your expectations?18:38
prpplagueneofob: sorry i dropped off again18:38
prpplagueneofob: we are getting some work done on the network right now18:38
prpplagueneofob: we'd probably not do a crypto lure18:40
prpplagueneofob: that'd have to come from a third party18:40
prpplagueneofob: that kind of stuff is pretty regulation intensive18:40
prpplagueneofob: i checked that stats page you linked18:40
prpplagueneofob: looks like it is pretty reasonable performance18:40
neofobprpplague: i understand, it has the word crypto, normal desktop intel cpu can do over 500M/s easily, with GigE, we need some power to max out the bandwidth some time18:42
neofobthat's my experience with glusterfs18:42
prpplagueneofob: we've done a few crypto related items for TI and after that we decided that it isn't really worth our time as it wasn't a big seller and the amount of effort/paperwork was significant18:43
calculushmm... my pandaboard tops the minnow in the first 3 size groups but then falls behind for 1024 and 8192 bytes18:54
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