Monday, 2013-05-06

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koenwindow move 606:36
av500window blinks07:16
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* zenlinux welcomes Jayneil to the MinnowBoard team16:25
* prpplague throws dead omap4 chips like ninja throwing stars at Jayneil 16:29
prpplaguezenlinux: ping16:42
zenlinuxprpplague, how goes?16:43
prpplaguezenlinux: it goes!16:44
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* zenlinux heads into the office17:15
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prpplaguedvhart: what no music?18:27
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dvhartcan someone please grab
dvhartand let me know if the "function" keyword has been removed?18:59
dvhartI think I might be getting a cached copy18:59
prpplaguedvhart: looks good19:01
dvhartprpplague, I couldn't find a way to delete the version, it's no longer needed.19:02
prpplaguedvhart: deletions are restricted as we have had some over zealous edits in the past19:04
* prpplague removes it19:04
prpplaguezenlinux: ping19:11
dvhartnot at his desk atm19:12
prpplaguedvhart: ahh19:12
* prpplague sends email instead19:12
* dvhart is getting hungry.... hrm19:12
* calculus feeds dvhart some minnows19:14
zenlinuxgot your email prpplague, just got back from lunching early19:14
prpplaguezenlinux: no worries just wanted to ping you about it while i still had it on my mind19:15
prpplaguezenlinux: so you can get it into your planning19:15
koendvhart: bonus points if you write a tty driver for the 7seg19:52
prpplaguei had a char dev for the original beacon19:54
* prpplague tries to remember where that source was19:54
prpplaguei never pushed it up to github19:54
dvhartkoen, hehe20:00
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mranostaywelcome Jayneil21:33
mranostaystart at the borg?21:33
Jayneilmranostay: Thanks!21:35
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