Tuesday, 2013-05-07

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Jayneilzenlinux: I finally got a 24" mongoose mountain bike. Need to get a new seat and rear stand/item holder installed on it though..01:42
zenlinuxJayneil, right on - hope you enjoy it!01:50
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Jayneilzenlinux: Thanks :)02:45
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zenlinuxmorning all15:51
koenhey there15:54
* av500 sings "it's fun to stay at the A-C-P-I"15:57
zenlinuxhow goes, koen? I'll try testing that image in a bit15:57
koenzenlinux: managed to squash a decent amount of bugs today15:59
koennot the one I started out with, but still15:59
zenlinuxI sometimes like it when I have a lot of bugs I'm working on at once. I can get a better understanding of one, then move to working on another, and the next thing I know, I have new ideas on how to fix the first one.16:01
koenthis was all fallout from a single bug16:04
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prpplaguedvhart: ping21:22
dvharthey man... trying to get the issuetracker up...21:22
dvhartwhat's up21:22
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