Tuesday, 2013-05-21

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mranostaymorning all02:21
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* av500 wants a bacon mountain12:52
prpplagueav500: me too13:13
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prpplagueJayneil: you get the keyboard working?18:41
Jayneilprpplague: The keyboard is not working in the updated firmware..18:43
prpplagueJayneil: interesting18:44
prpplagueJayneil: come grab another board to make sure it isn't a board issue18:45
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dm8tbrhow's the boarding going?19:04
prpplaguedm8tbr: swimming right along19:10
prpplaguedm8tbr: still on schedule for distributor release19:10
sakomanWhen is the early adopter release? ;-)19:15
dm8tbrsomeone read my mind19:16
prpplaguesakoman / dm8tbr goal is for distributors to have in stock and shipping no later than mid june19:19
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dvhartJayneil, USB keyboard in the UEFI shell?21:11
dvhartJayneil, two things to try: 1) Use a USB 2.0 hub (known USB 1.0 issue, being worked) 2) Use the serial console, that's the only way I interact with the board's firmware.21:12
Jayneildvhart: 1. I will try the USB hub and get back to you on it. 2. Yes, I am currently using the serial console..21:13
dvhartJayneil, and btw, I don't think we've officially met :-)21:14
dvhartJayneil, do let me know if you have any BSP related questions or if you find anything confusing or inaccurate in the BSP README.21:15
Jayneildvhart: That is correct.21:15
mranostayhowdy from JF321:21
prpplaguemranostay: is that your cell block?21:21
prpplaguemranostay: checked in with your parole officer after the move?21:23
Jayneilha ha21:23
mranostayprpplague: you know branding doesn't hurt as much as you think21:25
dvhartmranostay, nice, we'll have to grab lunch sometime soon.21:27
* dvhart is in HART02 currently21:27
mranostaydvhart: the proxy is really annoying btw :)21:29
dvhartpffff, you have no idea21:30
dvharttalk to me after 6 months21:30
dvhartthen we'll have a proper (*&)($#fest21:30
* mranostay pictures some IT troll looking at every packet for secret stuff :P21:30
dvhartmranostay, have you seen the linux desktop wiki?21:30
prpplaguemranostay: hehe21:37
dvhartmranostay, you see him? Where? I've been looking for that creep for a while now. Don't let him out of your sight, we'll be right there....21:38
mranostaydvhart: yes the outlook for now :)21:53
dvhartoooh neat, g_mass_storage working21:58
dvhartJayneil, that would be a good thing to document usage on21:59
Jayneildvhart: I tried the USB 2.0 hub but that also did not solve the issue.22:01
dvhartJayneil, OK, then I think you're hitting FastBoot optimizing the boot path, then failing to load the and dropping to the shell, but not bringing up the USB stack. This is something I have raised with Lee and he is looking at it.22:02
Jayneildvhart: ok22:05
Jayneildvhart: Regarding the documentation, Dave also suggested the same. So, on elinux, under minnowboard faq, I will document that memtest currently wont run..22:05
dvhartOK, pch_udc is the name of the usb device driver for the minnowboard, you'll need to load that before the gadget drivers22:07
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sakomanmranostay: JF3 = Jones Farm 3?   (let's see if I remember my Intel geography properly)22:36
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