Wednesday, 2013-05-22

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* mranostay pokes zenlinux 02:30
mranostayor anyone intel here02:30
mranostaysakoman: yes i joined the dark side02:32
sakomanmranostay: cool!  can you say what you are working on?02:51
mranostaywell second day so i'm not dangerous :P02:53
mranostaysakoman: in MCG02:54
sakomanmranostay: MCG = ?  that one I don't know!02:55
mranostaymobile communications group02:56
mranostayintel is a company of acroymns i noticed :)02:58
sakomanmranostay: all my work with intel was at least 10 years ago, so most of my acronym knowledge is quite stale!03:03
mranostaysakoman: i'm taking notes on these btw. so many :)03:05
sakomanit's always like that when you start work at a new place -- so much verbal shorthand is used that it takes quite a while till things make sense03:07
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zenlinuxhi mranostay, how goes?04:09
mranostayzenlinux: so webmail you don't have to be vpn'ed in right?04:19
zenlinuxmranostay, I don't remember. I'm on a special pilot program and use Google Apps04:20
zenlinuxI believe the program is closed and was only available to OTC members04:20
zenlinuxThe rest of you have to deal with Outlook hell. :)04:20
mranostayi snuck into your IRC server at least :P04:22
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dm8tbrzenlinux: intel too? if that's not hyper-classified, what are your thoughts on use of google apps for corporate usage04:27
* dm8tbr has been moved to gapps too04:27
zenlinuxit's no big secret. I find it's a huge improvement for Linux desktop users. However the main problems are in sharing calendars between Exchange vs. GApps users.04:28
zenlinuxI've seen some improvements on that front but it's far from working 100%04:28
zenlinuxI do have a Win7 VM I boot to run Outlook occasionally for sending meeting requests and the like with other Exchange folks04:29
calculuszenlinux: hey, Tracy said she was going to introduce me to you, I met her at DesignWest04:29
dm8tbrwell they keeping ours a big secret. which is hardly understandable as google is all over my mail headers...04:29
dm8tbrand yeah, we only get free-busy across the gapps/exchange gap04:29
zenlinuxhi calculus!04:30
calculusprpplague: you should take the family to see the plane,
calculusit is quite a sight (I saw it when it was in CA)04:34
zenlinuxcalculus, what's your background? I assume you know I'm a Yocto dev and now focus on Minnow04:36
calculuszenlinux: yep and you work at Intel04:37
calculuszenlinux: mine is mathematics, and I work in software engineering, as a habby I play with embedded boards and volunteer at expos/conferences/booths04:38
mranostaycalculus: do you have a neckbeard?04:47
zenlinuxneckbeards ftw04:47
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mranostayzenlinux: maybe not if your are single :P05:20
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calculusmranostay: nope05:43
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tekratWhat is the targeted cost of the board?14:54
koenless than $20014:59
av500more than $2015:01
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tekratSo about $150 for a Mini/MicroITX board with SATA, some GPIO connections that operates like a Shield/Cape/Pi Plate.  Not bad for somethiong that could run a DOS/Linux.15:16
av500no DOS15:16
av500unless you get a DOS that boots from UEFI15:16
av500you need the AOS board for that15:17
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tekratTo bad.  I was hoping to use FreeDOS instead of Linux.  That negates an advantage for me.15:35
av500maybe there is a legacy boot option15:36
av500after all the BIOS itself will be open, no?15:36
av500koen: ^^^?15:36
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tekratWill there be a is a legacy boot option?17:52
prpplaguetekrat: i am not an efi expert, but it is my understanding at this stage we plan only efi support with no legacy boot options18:03
prpplaguetekrat: zenlinux should be able to confirm that18:04
tekratCool, thanks.18:07
prpplaguetekrat: hey if you aren't already registered on you should18:08
prpplaguetekrat: helping to document some of these FAQ items would be greatly appreciated18:09
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zenlinuxtekrat, just confirming with one of our firmware folks, but I'm pretty sure there won't be18:18
mranostayzenlinux: i read that as firmware troll at first18:39
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calculusit takes one to know one18:44
prpplagueJayneil: tekrat was asking about legacy boot options, please get the info from zenlinux and add it to the wiki asap18:49
Jayneilprpplague: ok18:51
prpplagueJayneil: please add an item for "Does the MinnowBoard support SATA port multiplier functions?"
prpplagueJayneil: the sata controller on the minnow does have hardware support for it, but there is no software support for it at this time18:56
Jayneilprpplague: done19:03
prpplagueJayneil: dandy!19:03
mranostayprpplague: that line is so familiar :)19:08
mranostay*ahem* NAND cape *ahem*19:09
mranostaypanto: does that still not work btw?19:09
pantomranostay, it might work now, since I've sorted gpmc19:09
pantobut I haven't tried19:09
pantomore important things to look after19:10
mranostaypanto: well kinda pointless with the BBB now19:10
pantopretty much19:10
mranostayunless you need more than 4gb19:10
pantomakes sense for the product guys at TI, but I don't really care about that anymore, do I?19:10
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mranostaytouche panto touche19:11
zenlinuxguess I missed tekrat19:24
zenlinuxJayneil, the answer to the legacy BIOS support is that it will not be available19:24
zenlinuxhowever, it is possible for a third party to purchase a CSM (Compatability Support Module) from one of the BIOS vendors (e.g, AMI, Phoenix) and add that as a UEFI module.19:26
zenlinuxSo in theory it's possible, but the expense would require a pretty strong business need for someone to go through the trouble to add it.19:26
Jayneilzenlinux: Ok. let me add that to the FAQ..19:27
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dvhartprp^2, question on the test lure - can I use the 5v on the MB if I don't need the 12V for the PCIe slots?19:57
prp^2dvhart: no all of i/o on the test lure are powered from the 12v rail21:27
prp^2dvhart: i see you are reporting a failure of the board21:27
dvhartyeah :/21:27
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dvhartI'll try and use the other one in the office tomorrow21:28
prpplaguedvhart: can you ping dalbert21:28
dvhartI just went and picked up a pile of cables, bread boards, etc21:28
dvhartI did earlier this morning21:28
dvharthe hasn't responded which is why I'm harassing you21:28
prpplaguedvhart: he's finalizing the RevA artwork21:29
dvhartI'm sure he's busy, just letting you know I did try21:30
prpplaguedvhart: no worries21:30
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mranostayspeaking of boards :)21:55
* mranostay nudges prpplague 21:55
prpplaguemranostay: working on it21:56
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calculusmranostay: I saw your work (i.e. the bacon cape)22:30
Jayneilzenlinux: I am having some problems with the Angstrom sd card image.. Tried it a couple of times. It seems the Angstrom login comes in and then quickly disappears after a few seconds on the hdmi monitor.. It is weird because I am supposed to be getting a gnome environment at login but I have the black and white login . Even the output is garbled on the serial console. I think I have the baud setting correct at 115200..22:45
JayneilI will try it again on another board to make sure that this not a board issue..22:45
prpplagueJayneil: iirc there is an autologin issue22:45
prpplagueJayneil: i thought koen had created a fix for it22:46
prpplagueJayneil: (assuming that it is the same issue)22:46
Jayneilprpplague: Ok. I am using the image from here :
Jayneilprpplague: And the earlier issue we had, I think its the keyboard fault.. As even after angstrom temporarily booted, the keyboard lights would not turn ON..22:48
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dvharthrm... /me hasn't had any issues at all with the Angstrom images23:03
dvhartI haven't tried the post-boot images though, just the ones I built.23:04
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