Wednesday, 2013-05-29

Jayneilprpplague: Yes, it was connected. Currently the only way to get the external display working is to first connect to the mini LCD and once Angstrom is booted, then remove it and plugin in the external LCD display..00:13
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* mranostay pokes in00:17
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* mranostay hands prpplague some Captain Morgans02:37
mranostaythe best rum comes in plastic right?02:37
prpplaguemranostay: sure02:39
av500is this board going to ship eventually?05:03
prpplagueav500: yep05:07
mranostaydon't be another eagleboard05:07
mranostaythat should be the topic05:07
prpplagueav500: nope05:07
prpplagueav500: won't be another eagleboard05:07
mranostayso any pre-production coming to Intel punks you know :)05:08
prpplaguemranostay: hehe05:08
prpplagueav500: should be shipping to disties soon05:09
mranostayprpplague: need something to do a ELC-E talk on.. i'm sure my ARM submission aren't going to fly :)05:09
prpplaguemranostay: hehe05:09
calculusIntel does ARM, they have xscales05:10
av500they've sold them, no?05:10
mranostaycalculus: they did.. is that still around?05:10
mranostaythey sold it to Marvell right?05:10
calculusyep, that is true05:10
calculuswow that was a long time ago05:10
mranostayyes 2006 geez05:11
mranostayi started my first real job in 2006..05:11
prpplaguethey still have the license, but only for storage devices, iirc05:11
koenaiui the big IXP SoC are still licenses07:05
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aaaasdoes anybody know where i can buy the board?08:23
av500nowhere yet08:24
av500its not out yet08:24
aaaasany estimated price?08:25
av500less than a house08:25
aaaaswhat does it mean? like rasbery [py? 40-50 $08:25
dm8tbrless than a FRI208:25
aaaaswhat is a fri2?08:26
dm8tbrsearch-engine impaired?08:26
aaaaswhen will be out?08:26
dm8tbryou can buy a FRI2 now08:27
aaaascan you provide a link?08:27
dm8tbrand the minnow from what I hear 'soon™'08:27
dm8tbrI'd need to google it myself, why don't you?08:27
aaaasok found it on yocto project but where can i buy it08:31
dm8tbrnote that as I said the minnow will be _much_ cheaper08:32
dm8tbrbut seeing that you work for intel, you might as well just ask your internal contacts08:35
koen"less than $200"08:44
aaaasi will wait08:47
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av500not much else he can do08:48
av500well, being at intel, he could steal a prototype08:48
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mranostaybradfa: did i put enough fuzzness in my pics?14:33
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mranostayav500: i noticed he isn't commenting :)15:40
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bradfamranostay, too much fuzzy is not possible, more is always better17:15
mranostaybradfa: how about fuzzy pictures of fuzz?18:08
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* mranostay hides from Jayneil 19:11
* mranostay hides from Jayneil for no reason19:11
mranostayJayneil: how is it in x86-world? :P19:15
Jayneilmranostay: Enjoying it so far :-)19:17
mranostayJayneil: speak into the Intel proxy :P19:18
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mranostaydas_plague: eh?20:16
mranostayare we german now?20:16
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