Tuesday, 2013-06-04

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neofobso when is minnowboard available to common man?15:14
mranostaymorning ka6sox15:30
mranostayever figure out your spamming15:31
dvhartneofob, would be good to get an ETA on the website or something15:35
dvhartI'll poke the right people and see if we can make that happen15:35
mranostaydvhart: between now and the sun burning out not a ETA? :)15:36
dvhartnow now, don't be like that15:36
dvhartit's important to us that we get this right, but aren't going to delay things indefinitely :-)15:36
mranostaywhen does zenlinux get back from Japan?15:38
dvhartyesterday I thought15:38
dvhartI think he's back to work today15:38
dvhartmaybe it's thursday15:38
neofobI'd love to have one, or two :), to play with glusterfs and all15:56
neofobthe GigE and SATA are my interest15:56
dvhartneofob, sounds great15:58
neofobare you guys gonna be @ LinuxConf in Edinburgh later this year? the board should be available by then, right?16:00
dvhartneofob, I am planning on being there, the board will definitely be available by then16:01
* mranostay marks dvhart16:04
mranostay 's words16:04
mranostayneofob: i hope to go as well16:04
neofobi'll be there just for the scotch ale and whisky16:06
mranostayhave you tried a bar for that? :P16:07
neofobmranostay: i've never been to scotland16:07
ka6soxneofob, its like New Zealand...but without all the sheep.16:12
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Jayneildvhart: ping22:35
mranostayping pong ping22:36
JayneilRegarding toggling the USER leds(D11,D12) on the minnowboard, i think only D12 is actually available because D11 also blinks to indicate some other activity.. I toggled it from /sys/devices/platform/leds-gpio/led22:46
dvhartJayneil, they use triggers by default22:46
dvhartsee the meta-minnow README as it documents it22:46
dvhartJayneil, you need to set the triggers to none if you want to use the led/*/brightness interface22:47
dvhartD11 is heartbeat, D12 is mmc0 activity by default22:47
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mranostayJayneil1: has a shiney new ip22:58
Jayneil1dvhart: Thanks for the info! Just reading that readme file.. Solved a couple of other questions that I was going to ask you.. :-)23:00
dvhartThen it has fulfilled its purpose :-)23:02
mranostaynow Jayneil1 can ask the hard questions.. like the meaning of life and such23:03
dvhartSee the README first23:04
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