Friday, 2013-06-14

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* mranostay yawns06:20
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prpplaguezenlinux: wait for it19:51
* prpplague guesses zenlinux doesn't watch "how i met your mother"19:52
zenlinuxyou guessed correctly19:52
prpplaguezenlinux: responded to your email19:52
zenlinuxrighty, thanks19:52
zenlinuxI'd love to have those trainer lures, but I'm asking mainly for the breadboard ones - I want to start working with I2C and SPI19:53
prpplaguezenlinux: the trainer "is" the breadboard one19:54
prpplaguezenlinux: minus the avr19:54
zenlinuxah, ok19:54
prpplaguezenlinux: when we started on this adventure i was completely unsure of what we would need19:55
zenlinuxbtw, can anyone tell me if EMGD supports all of OpenGL, or just Mesa?19:55
prpplaguezenlinux: so when i made the trainer i put everthing i could think of on it19:55
prpplaguezenlinux: so now we are just scaling back a little for the BoB19:55
prpplaguezenlinux: got me on that19:55
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* prpplague rarely uses the graphics acceleration on arm or x86 cores19:56
zenlinuxwow, pretty legendary indeed20:00
zenlinuxprpplague, can we do PWM on the GPIO lines? Are there any standard libraries to support doing so?20:01
prpplaguezenlinux: do you like hockey?20:02
zenlinuxprpplague, I don't follow it, but it can be fun. It was big at the Univ. of NH20:02
prpplaguezenlinux: you get to go there for asking about bitbanging pwm20:03
prpplaguezenlinux: yes you can do bitbang pwm with the gpios20:03
prpplaguezenlinux: but it is kind of like sneezing into your hand then trying to shake hands with someone20:04
zenlinuxI know it's not ideal, just wondering if I can get someone limping along with a Minnow project until he gets a trainer lure20:04
prpplaguezenlinux: there are a dozen or so really good i2c based pwm chips20:04
prpplaguezenlinux: that are better solutions than doing bitbanging pwm20:04
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zenlinuxSo he'd be better off using an external i2c module?20:05
prpplaguezenlinux: the PCA9633 is an excellent choice20:07
prpplagueprovides 4 nice pwm controls via one i2c bus20:08
prpplaguezenlinux: wide range of pcb footprints20:08
prpplaguezenlinux: and a wide range of voltage support20:08
prpplaguezenlinux: ideally, what we would want to do, is itemized all the features of a standard avr used on an arduino, and make a lure with all of those features20:09
* prpplague points to mranostay 20:09
zenlinuxJayneil, electrician is back for a bit, let's move the call out to 1:3020:10
prpplaguezenlinux: mranostay is a uniquely qualified to create some very interesting "lures" and seems to have migrated to the dark side...20:10
zenlinuxI've been chatting w/ him about possibly giving an ELC-E talk involving a custom Lure he could develop. :D20:11
zenlinuxbbiab, dealing with home ownership stuff20:11
prpplagueno worries20:11
* prpplague wanders off to find some oscope probes20:12
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ka6soxprpplague, is this a good place for a CPLD or FPGA Lure?20:30
prpplagueka6sox: indeed20:34
calculusI already sent my ideas for an FPGA lure to prpplague :)20:37
ka6soxcalculus, whos parts?20:37
ka6soxif I had a schematic I'd see about doing something...20:37
calculusmostly ideas for features/ports/connectors20:37
ka6soxdigilent connectors?20:37
calculusI didn't get as far as a schematic or BOM20:38
ka6soxcalculus, I was referring to minnowboard.20:38
calculusor, those schematics20:38
ka6soxI'd go with a Spartan6 nowadays20:39
prpplaguecalculus / ka6sox i'll get some schematics out to you guys this weekend20:39
prpplaguecalculus / ka6sox / mranostay i have eagle footprints20:39
prpplaguebut have been so swamped i haven't been able to get them out20:39
prpplagueboth xilinx and altera have expressed interest in a lure20:40
prpplaguesgrace over in #sparkfun is a xilinx employee20:40
calculuska6sox: yeah, I said a couple of the digilent pmod connectors, arduino headers (softcare cpu), 3x midi ports, 2x hdmi (possibly micro), sata, ethernet, either a ddr slot or fixed memory, switches, leds, and push buttons20:41
prpplaguehe seems to think that there would be high demand for some of their lures20:41
prpplaguecalculus: the guys that did papilio are interested in doing something for minnow and black20:41
ka6soxcalculus, thats quite capable if you can find the IP cores.20:41
calculusand Spartan6, as I have used Xilinx tools in the past20:41
* prpplague wanders off to do some hdmi tests20:42
calculusmy idea was to combine some of the papilio connectors + netv + milkymist + other things20:43
calculusmilkymist is the one with ddr ram20:44
ka6soxgonna be expensive20:44
ka6soxconnectors ain't cheap20:44
ka6soxcan't write them in software.20:45
calculusoh, and the aliencortex/cybercortex (inspired the softcore arduino)20:45
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mranostaydavest: !20:47
ka6soxcalculus, I'd be happy with PMOD and 1.27mm connectors20:47
* ka6sox goes back to laying out his GSoC board.20:48
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mranostayprpplague: are you going to share a bare Eagle part for the lures?23:45
mranostayif so i can design a simple weather lure over the weekend23:46
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