Saturday, 2013-06-15

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mranostayzenlinux: you wouldn't be here still by chance?04:05
zenlinuxI'm here04:05
mranostayso how are we doing lure ids with EEPROM + ACPI?04:07
mranostayUEFI loading that stuff? or kernel probing it at some point in the boot like the DT + beagle04:08
zenlinuxI'll need dvhart to back me up on this, but my understanding is that the lure will store an ACPI SSDT that will be read by the kernel to identify the Lure04:08
mranostayi was thinking that would be the best way04:09
zenlinuxIt's also possible that the current BSP won't support this just yet.04:09
mranostayseems there are hotplug ACPI + SSDT patches out there04:10
mranostayzenlinux: don't say board file.. please :)04:10
zenlinuxI don't think Lures will be hot pluggable, they should be installed when power is off04:10
mranostaywell yes :)04:10
mranostaybut i mean hotpluggable in the sense we aren't recompiling anything04:11
zenlinuxah, right04:11
mranostayi assume since the expansion header isn't pinmuxed we'll just enable all the UARTS, CANbus, SPI and I2C in the RSDT?04:17
zenlinuxyes, I would imagine so04:19
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koenmranostay: ACPI + SSDT is the plan, but the uEFI people have *zero* implementation of that11:14
koenmranostay: so right now it's all "modprobe minnow-leds ; rmmod minnow-leds ; modprobe minnow-spidev", etc11:14
koenmranostay: a boardfile would be an *improvement* at this point11:15
koendvhart is doing great work, it's just that x86 in linux isn't ready for things like lures11:16
koen(without recompiling)11:16
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ka6sox-awaykoen, can DT help here?16:16
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mranostayka6sox: you are becoming a troll :)19:08
mranostaykoen: all this work being done in a internal tree?19:08
ka6soxmranostay, thats not a troll...19:19
ka6soxDT is supposed to handle these kinds of things19:19
mranostayACPI to DT?...19:31
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ka6sox-awayhotplugging (other than USB) is probably not going to happe19:33
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