Sunday, 2013-06-16

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MatejHello friends.19:06
MatejToday I found your website Minnowboard.Org.19:06
MatejI own 2x Raspberry PI and I amd my friend are developing retrogame console based on Atmel.19:07
MatejHow much will Minnowboard cost?19:07
MatejMaybe we will choose it for our opensource console...19:07
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mranostaytotally isn't the weekend :P22:09
ka6soxmranostay, why?22:11
mranostayjust the matej guy22:12
mranostaya whole 5 minutes :)22:12
mranostayka6sox: going to any other conferences this year?22:18
ka6soxthinking about ELCE22:25
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mranostayka6sox: submiting a paper?23:06
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