Tuesday, 2013-06-18

ka6sox-awaymranostay, be nice...00:32
mranostayka6sox-away: well to be fair they only retake it if you lose your badge.. :) also remembers at MENT there was people somehow that had 10 year badges01:00
mranostayka6sox-away: when did 13.56mhz NFC tech come out anyway?01:00
mranostayhmmm 1994 it seems mifare came out with 1k cards01:02
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prpplaguezenlinux: ping14:08
zenlinuxprpplague, good morning14:09
zenlinuxdialing in now14:09
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mranostayhowdy sakoman20:52
sakomanhey mranostay!20:53
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mranostaydm8tbr: guten Tag Herr dm8tbr23:36

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