Wednesday, 2013-06-19

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mranostayhowdy zenlinux02:54
zenlinuxhi mranostay02:54
mranostayi forget eventbrite doesn't have 'tickets' right?02:55
zenlinuxno, it's just a way of filling out your registration info for the conf02:55
zenlinuxI'm sure you could just show up and give the same info02:56
mranostayok yeah i thought so02:56
zenlinuxI'm planning to be at OSB tomorrow02:56
mranostayprobably will show up for the OMSI event02:57
zenlinuxyeah, that should be fun02:58
mranostayhmm yep. should get a slice of pizza and beer downstairs03:02
* mranostay thought of a few ideas on SSDT + EEPROM id to mirror how panto did the capemanager for the beaglebone03:03
calculusthe last couple of eventbrite things I did had tickets, which the ticket is a pdf that you get emailed with your registration info + bar code/qr code03:08
prp^2mranostay: ok, so i have just did a schematic for a ssdr+eeprom dev board03:11
prp^2mranostay: four eeproms on a small lure03:11
prp^2mranostay: just for dev03:11
prp^2mranostay: i'm going to lay it out in eagle this weekend03:12
prp^2mranostay: feedback is welcome03:12
ka6soxhi prp^203:29
mranostayprp^2: so a board with 4 eeproms? this only for testing?03:41
av500eeprom RAID03:58
mranostaygah the acpi compiler isn't gplv204:22
mranostayhmm maybe it is..04:24
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ka6soxit *is* morning....07:57
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prpplaguedavest: back home?20:01
davestdavest: Oy, yeah20:03
davestprplague: Woke up at 3:30AM to get back here20:03
prpplaguedavest: hehe20:03
davestprplague: I took the PGBT and it worked great, thanks for the tip20:03
prpplaguedavest: dandy20:03
prpplaguedavest: i sent out an email with an image attached for your chew on20:04
davestprplague: saw it! My first thought was: let's build it! :-)20:04
prpplaguedavest: hehe20:05
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mranostaywb davest120:16
davest1mranostay: ty20:19
mranostaysurvived texas i see20:21
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zenlinuxhey mranostay, you going to drop by open source bridge tonight? I'm preparing the robot arm demo to bring to the hacker lounge which is open tonight.23:00
mranostayaround what time?23:04
zenlinux I am planning to be there after dinner, probably between 6 and 6:3023:10
zenlinuxwill hang around until about 9pm23:10
mranostaythat is open to all right with a community pass right?23:11
zenlinuxcorrect. there may even be free beer, too. :)23:11
mranostayregistration still going to be open during it?23:12
zenlinuxshould be, but if you register for your pass on the web site that will make things quicker23:13
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