Thursday, 2013-06-20

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zenlinuxgreetings ka6sox21:00
ka6soxthanks, how goes things?21:01
zenlinuxstill barreling forward to production, and I'm giving a talk at a portland, or conference today on minnow21:02
ka6soxsorry OS Bridge?21:03
zenlinuxaye, Open Source Bridge. One of my favorite conferences.21:03
ka6soxone of these days I'll make it up there.21:04
ka6soxthis summer is waaay too busy with GSoC and work.21:04
mranostayzenlinux: what time?21:04
zenlinuxmranostay, last session of the day, 4:45 - 5:30pm21:05
ka6soxeven on a Jet I don't think I could make PDX in 2.5hrs21:05
prpplaguezenlinux: if you get time tonight after the sessions can you review the samples for the table-top displays and business cards?21:09
mranostayka6sox: hijack a concorde21:12
zenlinuxprpplague, will be busy tonight, so sent some feedback now21:12
prpplaguezenlinux: thanks21:13
prpplaguezenlinux: responding on the card with one last configuration of the text21:13
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Jayneilprpplague: ping22:45
prpplagueJayneil: pong22:45
Jayneilprpplague: I am playing with the /sys/class/gpio and it seems export/unexport does not work//22:46
Jayneilall the gpios are exported by default..22:46
Jayneilif i try to manually do it, it just gives error..22:47
prpplagueJayneil: if you mean the 8 GPIOs on the expansion headers, yes, the default image already has them exported22:47
prpplagueJayneil: you can't unexport them22:48
Jayneilyes, those..22:48
ds2home land custom's don't like bouncing goods? :D22:48
Jayneilok. thanks a lot :-)22:49
prpplagueds2: ??22:50
ds2customs is usually the reason you have issues with export and importing of goods :D22:51
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