Friday, 2013-06-21

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zenlinuxmranostay, fyi I'm planning to arrive at the osb after-party a bit after 7:3001:50
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* mranostay enters sleep world06:58
ka6soxpeace and quiet reigns07:04
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mranostaymorning mr davest16:29
calculusI got a snazzy Intel guest badge last night16:57
calculusit was supposed to have my name on it, but they messed up so it is blank16:58
prpplaguecalculus: hehe17:04
prpplaguedavest: ping17:08
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davestprplague: sorry I just saw this18:26
davestprplague: and I need to run off to a meeting, BRB18:26
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koencalculus: carte blance, can't do better than that18:34
ds2physic paper badges?18:39
mranostaycalculus: guest badge? which campus?19:12
calculusmranostay: santa clara20:01
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Jayneilmranostay: Happy Birthday!!!22:33
mranostayheh thx22:33
Jayneilprp^2: ping22:43
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mranostayJayneil: i remember when i enjoyed b-days :)22:50
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Jayneilmranostay: :-)23:08
mranostayJayneil: hey aren't you the young one in here?23:09
Jayneilmranostay: ha ha.. Although most of my friends with whom I used to have crazy bdays are back in India :-(23:10
* mranostay suspects tomorrow morning will be rough... :)23:10
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