Thursday, 2013-06-27

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av500discuss14:09 also has some tiny cases for mini-itx boards, my favorite one is the m350 case14:29
neofobyou might need a pico-psu if your board doesn't have 12V or 19V input14:30
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dm8tbrav500: does it come with minix preinstalled?15:00
av500I hope so15:01
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zenlinuxgm all15:37
zenlinuxthe floodgates are opening now that word is spreading that boards are being assembled15:37
dm8tbrcan haz beta board? :)15:37
* dm8tbr is on vacation and has time to play15:38
zenlinuxdm8tbr, how long is your vacation? it's still going to take us some time to vet this first batch and do all of our final thermal and electrical testing to make sure they're exactly what we expect them to be15:39
dm8tbr2 months :-รพ15:41
dm8tbrhad to carry over 2012 vacation into 201315:41
dm8tbrand I have FRI2 to compare against15:41
zenlinuxdm8tbr, drop me a line by email - scott.a.garman@intel.com15:44
dm8tbrzenlinux: looks like the mail went through, even though my mail routing is very screwed up at the moment...15:51
zenlinuxgot it. you'll hear more from me soon15:52
dm8tbrtnx :)15:52
dm8tbrzenlinux: btw, while we're talking, any reason the irc logs stopped? (I do have supybot logs of mine if you need, generated by DevBot )15:53
zenlinuxhmm, I thought yocti was doing that15:53
zenlinuxI'll check with our sysadmin15:54
zenlinuxthanks for pointing it out15:54
dm8tbrif you want the backlog files, let me know15:55
* zenlinux wanders off to a meeting15:55
zenlinuxdm8tbr, yes, please email them to me15:55
dm8tbr is the web interface, but I'll make a tarball15:55
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zenlinuxdm8tbr, irc logs are back - they just weren't getting copied to the right location17:15
dm8tbrah, ok17:15
mranostayzenlinux: ask the NSA for the missing timeframe17:33
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