Saturday, 2013-06-29

prpplaguezenlinux: minnows are swimming00:21
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mranostayprpplague: i'll drink to that02:01
mranostayzenlinux: so this is *hot* to Portland?02:05
mranostaykoen: "1.957338] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2..." ok what broke? :)02:16
zenlinuxmranostay, this is getting a bit toasty. it's not unusual for us to get one good heatwave during the summer with a few days of triple-digit weather, but it never lasts02:40
prpplaguezenlinux: everything is up and tested except for the gpio buttons02:50
prpplaguezenlinux: will test those in the morning02:50
zenlinuxawesome prpplague, thanks for staying late to work on that02:51
prpplaguemranostay: only made it to 78 hours02:51
* prpplague heads home02:51
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mranostayhi aholler12:28
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dzamloHi everyone.13:03
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aholleris the board already available?13:28
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prpplaguezenlinux: ping16:15
prpplaguethat too16:25
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