Monday, 2013-07-01

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ahollermranostay: that would be funny case for your counter:
prpplagueaholler: indeed17:08
prpplaguemranostay: the footprint and pcb alignment look good for the eagle libraries18:00
prpplaguemranostay: need to do a few more tests to verify pinout18:00
prpplaguemranostay: but overall it looks good18:00
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dm8tbrprpplague: nice. is there btw a working usb client on this thing? I remember in theory it could19:08
mranostaydm8tbr: lot of things work "in theory" :)19:09
dm8tbryep, 'musb', 'sgx', ...19:09
dm8tbroooh, right there's sgx on the minnow ;-รพ19:09
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mranostaydm8tbr: at least no musb20:36
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* zenlinux picks a good beer to go with the unboxing of his RevA MinnowBoard21:47
ds2Marinate minnow in beer then slowly cook til done?21:48
mranostayds2: it is safe to eat a RoHS board?21:49
zenlinuxprpplague, nice additional surprise in the box :)21:50
ds2mranostay: well... it is Reduction, not EoHS board ;)21:50
prpplaguezenlinux: already at home? hehe21:50
zenlinuxprpplague, that's a much smaller heatsink than the previous rev. Will that be the final one?21:51
prpplaguezenlinux: yes, that is the final one.21:51
prpplaguezenlinux: it actually has a better thermal profile than the other one21:51
prpplaguezenlinux: $0.02 extra for the green color21:52
zenlinuxprpplague, how about the power supply you sent me? will this be the final one? I'm noting that it's 2.5A instead of 3A21:57
ahollerhow much will it need without additional devices?22:01
zenlinuxI'm sure 2.5A will be sufficient, just wondering about the specs.22:01
aholler12v or 5v?22:02
mranostayprpplague: how much more for purple?22:04
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mranostayzenlinux: so is there a pallet of minnowboards in JF1 now? :P23:20
ds2are they trap behind the same dam as the FRI2?23:20
zenlinuxheh, no pallets. They're just trickling in. The Intel folks just got the first few off the assembly line today23:21
zenlinuxTHe CCo folks are doing intense testing, once the board's been shaken out, assembly will ramp up, then we can talk about pallets23:22
mranostayds2: heh ka6sox finally got his like 6 months after everyone else....23:22
ka6soxthat was a year after everyone else23:24
mranostayka6sox: i got mine in October iirc23:27
mranostayhmmm 94F out today23:28
ka6soxoctober of what year?23:34
ka6soxprpplague, I hope that if I order a minnow it won't be frozen by the time I get it :)23:55

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