Tuesday, 2013-07-02

mranostayka6sox: these boards exist though :)00:00
ka6soxmranostay, so you tell me00:01
mranostayka6sox: would i lie to you?00:01
mranostaywait don't answer that00:01
prpplagueka6sox: hehe00:01
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* av500 wonders if minnow support uEnv.txt04:51
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ahollerhmm, arm now has another advantage, no closed-source bios from .nsa_was_here ;)05:19
ka6soxaholler, +105:21
av500aholler: e.g. TI ROM code is closed source05:28
av500as are many other 1st stage loaders05:28
av500and a lot of ARM chips have "secure" domains05:29
ahollerbut it hasn't as much possibilities as a bios has.05:29
ahollerand there is no need to use those false security domains whereas it's pretty hard to not use a bios password if ou want to protect a box.05:35
ds2the very nature of secure mode makes that a bigger hazard05:36
ds2it can remain running, then pop up at specific times05:36
ahollerbut how would you trigger it?05:37
ds2the secure mode is designed to be a supervisor type thing05:37
ds2i think you need a fully open source silicon05:37
ds2one you can inspectevery gate05:38
ahollerwith a bios it's easy, boot and enter magic keystrokes and you are the master05:38
ahollerdoes the minnowboard support coreboot? ;)05:41
ahollerit's a sad thing when you think where would be now, if open source wouldn't have been a success.05:48
aholler"they" could remote manage every box05:49
dm8tbrthat's called IPMI ;)05:52
dm8tbralso wasn't the EFI firmware open?05:52
ahollerthere is something available at sf05:57
ahollerbut you can have u-boot and dt too. so there's no need for uefi anymore06:01
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mranostaypanto: skynet? really?15:47
ahollerthe master of Terminators15:51
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aholleralready reality too. SF authors are becoming far behind15:57
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ahollerbtw. is there already an eta for the boards? I have an usb3-pcie as surplus, so it might fit my needs to replace my current armv5 24/7 ;)16:19
zenlinuxaholler, I think we'll see some in stock at distributors by about the end of the month16:22
zenlinuxyour best bet might be to pre-order now - mouser and farnell's uk site have pages for minnowboard now16:23
ahollerI don't preorder. It isn't urgent and I can wait until it's available here16:23
ahollerI just wanted to decide if I search for something else before. ;)16:24
ahollerzenlinux: thanks for the answer16:31
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Jayneil1zenlinux: ping19:54
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mranostayhowdy davest21:50
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zenlinuxmranostay, you scared him away!22:00
mranostayi have that effect on people :P22:01
Jayneil1ha ha..!22:02
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