Wednesday, 2013-07-03

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mranostayhappy friday to all my us'ians compatriots :)15:32
davestGM, mranostay15:34
mranostayhi davest15:35
mranostaydavest: so oregon related question. how easy is the parking to find at Multnomah Falls and Cannon Beach?15:39
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mranostayok zenlinux_ then :)15:40
zenlinux_Multnomah Falls parking is easy if you go early in the morning, and generally gets pretty challenging if you go mid-day on a weekend15:41
zenlinux_I haven't been to Cannon Beach in a while, but I imagine it can be similar - just depends on how many people are flocking there.15:42
mranostayzenlinux_: how about on the 4th? less or more?15:42
zenlinux_If you're headed to the coast, I highly recommend checking out Cape Lookout15:42
mranostayi'm guessing the latter :)15:42
zenlinux_mranostay, there will be a ton of people there15:43
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zenlinux_just go early in the morning and you should be good15:44
zenlinux_as in, get there by about 9am15:44
mranostayyeah unlikely though since friend's flight comes in at like 8:30a15:45
mranostayseems flying on the 4th is reall cheap15:45
zenlinux_prpplague, coolness15:46
mranostayprpplague: progress one blinky led at a time? :)15:46
zenlinux_mranostay, I'd say still go if you want to, just expect that traffic and parking will be a bit challenging15:47
zenlinux_you're from the valley, it should be no problem for you :)15:47
aholleroh, tomorrow is july the 4. I once stayed at that date in france (during a frech-german friendship vacation). It was a bit curious. ;)15:49
mranostaywhat is a friendship vacation?15:49
ahollergermans kids make holidays together with french.15:50
prpplaguemranostay: indeed15:50
mranostayaholler: do the germans invade the french wine supply? :)15:51
prpplaguemranostay: tested it on minnow last night15:51
ahollermranostay: yes, and the cote d'azur ;)15:51
mranostayzenlinux_: yeah although if you time 26E wrong it is as bad as 10115:51
zenlinux_yeah, but much, much shorter15:52
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ahollermranostay: but the best part were dancing blue with french girls ;)15:57
ahollersuch really helps bringing people from different countries together ;)15:59
mranostayaholler: i see everyone is in weekend mode :)16:08
ahollerwe aren't. but that doesn't reflect our feelings.16:09
ka6soxus usians are about ready to call it a week.16:09
ka6sox(well some people are)16:10
pantofriday is a holiday too?16:10
ahollerit's history and most affected people are already dead.16:10
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mranostaypanto: yes16:13
mranostayat least at Intel it is16:13
pantoshouldn't you guys be working your asses off? is UEFI done yet? :P16:13
ahollerunfortunately mankind only has a very short term memory (e.g. even here they already forgot the once hated stasi)16:14
* zenlinux_ is working his ass off today - doing some thorough documentation review for jayneil16:16
ahollerbetter spend the time to make dt happen ;)16:16
mranostaypanto: shut up you month taking off peoples :P16:16
koenmranostay: you bison fix triggered a how avalanche of problems16:17
mranostaykoen: don't  blame me!16:17
koenmranostay: long story short: building on recent distros with gcc4.8 and texinfo 5.0 now works for v2012.1216:17
ahollerhmm, this time I'm slow. I'm still at 4.7.x.16:19
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dm8tbraholler: was it just me who found the Stasi oldtimer commenting on the NSA stuff hilarious?18:13
dm8tbrin a sort of tragicomic way18:14
ahollerthats the memtioned short term memory18:14
ds2what did he say?18:18
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ahollerthat every stasi dreamed about what nsa and gchq are doing today18:19
ahollerthe brits18:20
ds2thought they were all MIx's18:21
ahollerthe register talks about the british spooks as gchq18:21
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dm8tbrI think that's the official name of their headquarters18:47
dm8tbrthey still have the departments18:47
ahollerGolf Club HeadQuarter ;)18:49
prpplagueminnows are swimming18:50
dm8tbrwhere is the picture of them swimming ;)18:50
dm8tbrand which one is mine? :D18:51
dm8tbrI'll call her Minnie18:53
dm8tbrMinnie the minnow18:53
mranostaydm8tbr: dork :P18:55
dm8tbrand I meant video not picture18:55
mranostaydm8tbr: what Stasi guy?19:03
dm8tbrlet me look for the piece19:03
mranostayah i see i19:04
mranostaynice "Yes We Scan" :)19:09
mranostaydm8tbr: only 40 calls... lame :)19:16
ahollerUniversal Spying ...19:27
koenprpplague: that should have working buttons19:44
prpplaguekoen: thanks19:45
koenright channel this time :)19:45
prpplaguekoen: you RevA board has shipped19:45
* mranostay camps at koen's mail stop19:51
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prpplagueJayneil: hehe21:50
Jayneilbought a couple from here.. i am quite amazed that despite being a clone it is so cheap.. after all it has all the same components..21:50
Jayneiland even if i were to use cheap pcb.. still it would not reduce the cost all the way from $20..21:52
Jayneili assume..21:52
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