Thursday, 2013-07-11

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Jayneilzenlinux: ping04:15
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mranostaybikes in05:01
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mranostayhi aholler05:03
ahollerhi mr. intel.05:13
mranostayaholler: don't hate05:20
ahollerwhy should I?05:20
ahollerI'm not getting paid by ARM to do so ;)05:22
ahollernor ti ;)05:24
av500mranostay: always A2005:29
mranostayaholler: sorry i was doing 24 bit math what was that?05:31
mranostayer av50005:32
ahollerbefore your time, pentium05:32
ds2the pentium lives05:34
ahollerbut not the fdived one ;)05:34
ds2the enhanced FPU is gone05:34
ahollerI still have the one I got replaced ;)05:34
mranostaygod i need to know younger people :)05:36
ds2you mean other folks with their emancipation papers too? ;)05:37
ahollermranostay: just go badass tech like nodejs ;)05:39
ahollereverything new and asynchron, no one did such before ;)05:40
mranostayi rather flip burgers05:42
ds2program in sketches!05:43
aholleryesterday I've read somewhere that using arduino is future proof because the sketches will work with newer cpus too ...05:45
ahollermaybe he the one who has written that just switched from java to c++ and wondered that c++ runs everywhere ;)05:47
ds2java - write once, debug everywhere :D05:52
ahollernosql is astonishing too. Like nobody used hashtables before ;)06:15
* mranostay dances back in06:23
ahollerhmm, 2.5A*5V = 12.5W. will the board/power adapter die if I connect a hd or does that include some surplus power for devices?06:42
ahollerI think a 2.5" usb-hd needs up to 8W06:46
dm8tbrno-dejs, no-sql, no-?06:47
ahollerhmm, can't be. 0.5A * 5V = 2.5W ;)06:47
ahollerso 8W is for a normal sata hd ;)06:48
ahollerno-dev ;)06:50
ahollerno-developer, the new star06:50
dm8tbrthat's easy, I'm a damager by title, so I'm already part of the no-dev thing ;)06:52
aholleryou've a testing job?06:53
dm8tbrlast checked they even made it say 'senior project damager'06:55
ahollerI know "devs" which couldn't live without testers. their workflow is "write, give testers, fix, give testers, fix ...". Some are unable to write error free stuff or doing even the most silly tests.06:56
dm8tbroh, I've done testing too, it's a fun distraction from management tasks06:57
aholleroh, manager.06:57
dm8tbralso it's fun to say 'no, this crashes the device, you're not going to land this code!'06:57
dm8tbrand people go 'whu? but it worked fine for me!'06:57
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aholleruh, I need new certificates for openvpn. Is it already ten years ago the n770 appeared?07:43
ahollerhmm, no, it was 2005. I wonder what I've choosen duration that it's only 7.5 years valid. 90 month, 2700 days?07:51
av500 /dev/random07:52
ahollerand tinyca is broken :(07:53
ahollerto bad, I liked it to manage my few certificates.07:54
ahollernext time I will put my ca into a small vm.07:54
ahollereven perl isn't compatible long enough.07:55
ahollerbut it might be tk.07:56
ahollergui :/07:56
ahollertime to go plain openssl07:58
av500aholler: just ask the NSA to give you a new cert07:58
ahollerI wonder if they've deleted my old one ;)07:59
ahollernow after it's unusable07:59
ahollerI should have made a new cert for the n900. lazyness' revenge08:04
ahollerat least I've now seen my ca-cert expires at oct. after 10 years too. ;)08:08
ahollercert managment is just a pain08:09
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patrikHi, any estimated launch date for the MinnowBoard?14:41
av500as soon as the russians can put together a new rocket14:45
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patrikOk, so any day now :)15:00
zenlinuxgm mranostay15:04
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mranostayav500: does this one have to no blow up too?15:24
* mranostay tips hat to davest 15:25
* mranostay annoys prpplague 15:25
zenlinuxmranostay, I have a present for you at my desk15:26
zenlinuxit swims, but only metaphorically15:26
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* dm8tbr wonders when he'll be able to put his hands on minnie15:33
mranostayzenlinux: good time to pop over now?15:35
zenlinuxyep, before the meeting deluge starts15:35
mranostaywhat is your pole number?15:35
zenlinuxget to know it - sounds like your cube is moving over here soon15:35
* av500 lures mranostay with free cat food15:39
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koenav500: rumour has blurry pics and non 45 degree angles also work18:24
mranostaykoen: that isn't nice18:37
koenjust jealousy talking18:38
koenno cat and no pcb skills here18:38
ahollerwhy they don't use bezels?18:39
* prpplague wonders what the topic of conversation is18:46
ahollerpcbs with curved lines18:46
ahollerand rounded corners ;)18:47
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aholleruups, I meant bezier instead of bezel ;)19:03
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