Friday, 2013-07-12

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aholleroh, gkh says something might be broken with the linux development process. ;)06:50
* aholler waits for the postman to bring a musb06:54
av500aholler: url?07:03
ahollerlkml, 3.10.1 announcement07:04
koengreg also shared it on g+07:33
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av500not enough drama07:49
ahollerwtf, no 3.3v on J1?07:57
ahollerbuyin a wiring pencil was a good decision :/07:59
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ahollergoogle is evil, they still censor me. seems to be their new trick to kill e-mail.08:55
ahollerif it isn't from a nsa monitored cloud, it must be spam ...08:56
ahollerand no chance to get from their evil list. I even don't know how I ended up there09:11
biotaholler: you must have spammed google :)09:13
biotassuming this is not the case, I'd check your IP address in spamhaus09:14
ahollerI'm not there. I have a cron script which checks that.09:14
biothow about your SMTP smarthost?09:15
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ahollerhmpf, postman was too dumb to find my bell and delivered it to the neighbour, but here it is:
ahollerthe orange cable is the wtf I mourned about ;)11:13
ahollersorry for beeing offtopic ;)11:16
ahollerbut it works fine, besides killing my kernel remotely when I power down the thingy while beeing connected. stupid tty-subsystem changes.11:22
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ahollerhmpf, isn't it possible to do that gnome-configure stuff on angstrom once before building the image? That really needs ages. :/15:24
ahollerand why are the leds named green when they are blue? ;)15:27
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ahollerhmpf, and now I rebooted typing reboot, leaving the mmc in the slot and it booted again from the mmc flashing, configuring, waiting ...15:59
dm8tbraholler: you have a minnowboard?15:59
ahollerno, a bbb since 12 o'clock ;)16:02
ahollerbut that gconf-stuff would apply to angstrom on the minnowboard too16:03
ahollerdon't know if the minnowboard has a ftdi-header. if it has, 3.3v on pin 3 there would be fine too ;)16:05
ahollerdm8tbr: I needed a new toy, so I finally bought a bbb. ;)16:06
ahollerto get some experience with the am* bevore the EV3 will appear ;)16:08
ahollerso august might get busy if I buy a minnowboard and an EV316:10
ahollerbut I assume using the minnowboard will be much easier as it's possible to use a mainline kernel and whatever distro someone preferes16:13
ahollermight be a perfect workhorse but otherwise annoying16:13
prpplagueaholler: the minnow has an onboard ftdi chip for usb to debug-uart16:14
ahollerah. hmm, why not one of those super-ios as usually used on x86 boards? aren't they cheaper?16:14
aholleror is that ftdi just to provide serial over usb?16:15
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aholleryou see I don't know anything about those super-ios and if they provide 1.8, 3, 5 or 12v ;)16:16
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zenlinuxgm minnow peeps16:17
aholleruse a bbb with micro to decode the bios peeps automatically. ;)16:18
zenlinuxI'm thinking we need to co-market with the Just Born candy company to make some Minnow-logo shaped marshmallow peeps16:20
zenlinuxI'd eat them. :)16:20
* mranostay eyes zenlinux + davest 's cubes16:21
ahollerhmm, I could put the minnow into one of my via-c3 cases.16:22
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mranostaydavest: Darth doesn't seem happy16:27
ahollervader imho never did ;)16:29
mranostayok less 'happy' than normal16:30
davestmranostay: enjoy16:31
ahollerdid he got a lcd to show facial expressions?16:31
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mranostaygah crap my DSLR doesn't get here till monday18:35
* mranostay eyes dvhart cube as well18:35
dvhartit was a good cube *sniff*18:36
* dvhart considers a PCI quirk for the pch_gbe phy physical reset ..... hrm....18:37
dvhartpci device driver writing baptism by fire18:37
* mranostay crosses fingers no to get the one with a pole going through it18:38
dvhartthose are the worst :-)18:38
mranostaydvhart: haven't had enough lkml hate mail yet? :P18:39
dvhartnah, that was planned.18:40
dvhartand expected18:40
dvharthrm, no, pci quirks aren't right for this18:41
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