Tuesday, 2013-07-16

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* dm8tbr yawns17:16
aholler_panto: cape-mgr fails to build as module17:17
pantoaholler_, probably17:18
pantobut what does capemgr has to do with minnow?17:18
aholler_don't know, maybe they want to use capes too17:18
pantotbh I haven't tried compiling it as a module17:19
pantoa report about what fails would be nice too17:19
aholler_ti tradition ;)17:19
aholler_some exports are missing17:20
pantoah, yeah, that could be it17:20
pantopatches welcome :)17:20
aholler_it compiles but doesn't link17:20
aholler_maybe another channel would be fine, beagle-devs or whatever, I can't bear #beagle ;)17:22
aholler_sorry, no paste, have experienced that a few days before17:24
pantoit is possible some exports are missing17:25
pantosince a lot of the functionality is based on pretty low level OF interfaces17:25
pantowhich aren't module material17:25
aholler_the alsa-driver doesn't compile as module too.17:25
pantoof the bone?17:26
aholler_yes, and ..., but enough off topic. sorry to intel people ;)17:26
panto - /j #beagle-foo then17:26
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prpplaguemranostay: package is out today19:16
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mranostayprpplague: rum? :)19:40
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mranostaywb davest21:22
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prpplaguezenlinux: ping22:23
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