Thursday, 2013-07-18

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mranostayzenlinux: btw new EFI fixed my issues05:48
* mranostay sleeps05:52
koenno EFI no cy05:59
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dm8tbraholler: that doesn't work. I tried it already before and it just sends back the link I quoted above.06:39
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ahollerit worked 03.05, but maybe google doesn't want e-mail anymore11:42
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* dm8tbr prods prpplague and prp^2 15:27
prpplaguedm8tbr: yea yea15:27
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* ka6sox prods prp^2 and prpplague 15:58
* mranostay prods everyone in the channel16:03
mranostaymorning mr davest16:06
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* mranostay bikes into Jayneil 22:55
Jayneilcoming to portland on friday23:00
mranostayJayneil: OSCon i assume23:01
mranostaystaying at the con hotel?23:02
Jayneilno ramada..23:03
ds2is there anything for OScon on next Fri?23:03
mranostayJayneil: fan of roaches? :)23:04
JayneilHa Ha :p23:07
mranostayJayneil: going to be at Jones Farm any of those days?23:08
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JayneilI do plan to visit a colleague.. so maybe.23:28
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