Friday, 2013-07-19

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zenlinux_good morning16:32
dm8tbrgood moaning16:46
mranostaydm8tbr: TMI16:47
zenlinux_mranostay, you going to OSCON next week?16:47
mranostaymaybe Wednesday16:48
zenlinux_I'll probably be hanging out w/ Jayneil most evenings, introducing him to various folks in the pdxtech community - you're welcome to join us.16:48
zenlinux_We may even fit in a casual bike ride to some cool spots in portland16:48
dm8tbrhmm, no plague to harass this morning...16:48
dm8tbrmy vacation free time starts to run out...16:49
mranostaydm8tbr: 12 weeks? :)16:52
dm8tbrstill 6 weeks left, but in the last 3-4 I'll be travelling16:53
* mranostay was born in the wrong part of the world :)16:53
dm8tbrmranostay: there is an intel office across the street. I can see it right now from my window. Apply for a transfer. They have some OTC people and lots of android stuff here.16:57
dm8tbrhelsinki has a lot of OTC16:57
ka6soxdm8tbr, what is OTC?17:06
dm8tbrintel open-source technology centre17:12
zenlinux_...and yes, it should really be OSTC, and no, I have no idea why they dropped the 'S'17:13
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ka6soxzenlinux_, got it..should have guessed.17:20
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mranostayzenlinux_: so we could make drug references?17:55
mranostayor pink slip stock references? :)17:55
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mranostaydm8tbr: can you bike in snow?18:34
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dm8tbrmranostay: yes18:44
zenlinuxhe could with one of these:
ka6soxthe rolling resistance has to be phenominal19:06
ka6soxbut they might be good for where I am going in August.19:07
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mranostayka6sox: Alaska?20:05
ka6sox"Tundra Tyres"20:08
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mranostayka6sox: why would you go to that frozen place?20:54
ka6soxif I'm *very* lucky nobody will die.21:32
mranostayka6sox: the hell are you doing?21:36
ka6soxworking on one of these:
ka6sox190ft high by 448ft across22:06
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mranostaycan you control minds with that?22:35
ka6soxyes, at least 5000miles away22:40
mranostayka6sox: pointed at commies?22:56
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