Saturday, 2013-07-20

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mranostaywb davest04:33
ka6soxmranostay, under normal work load how hot does the minnow get?06:15
mranostayi can give you number tomrrow when i get mine from the apartment office06:25
mranostayhave a pre-production model06:25
mranostaythermals are better in Rev A i'm told06:25
dm8tbrka6sox: re tci, big antenna you have there, or are you just happy to see me ;)06:31
dm8tbrnice curtain with wideband dipoles it seems06:31
dm8tbrI still envy the guys who got to contest from one of the tx sites...06:32
dm8tbr20dBi on 40m is something you don't argue with06:34
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mranostaygifts from prpplague :P19:58
mranostaywell CCO technically20:09
ka6soxhurry up mon...get eeet working20:31
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mranostayka6sox-away: eeet?21:15
ka6sox-awaylike: do eeeeet22:27
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* mranostay setups up his non-crappy WAP23:47
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