Sunday, 2013-07-21

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russell--mranostay: which non-crappy WAP?01:42
mranostayrussell--: dlink dir63202:04
mranostaylike the 8 ports and putting dd-wrt  on it02:04
russell--i have some mikrotik 493g boards, but the gigE ports are hooked to two separate switch chips02:25
russell--means you don't have wirespeed connection between some of the ports, has to go through the cpu02:25
russell--also, actually, it's pissing me off because one of the interfaces freezes every 10 days or so and i have it reboot02:26
russell--has a nice fast cpu though, 680MHz and lots of RAM02:27
russell--also, we've been using a bunch of these:
russell--only $7002:29
mranostayyeah 10/100 ports but should be good for any use i have02:32
mranostaya lot development boards hooked up02:32
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