Monday, 2013-07-22

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Squarepyso has the minnowboard train started?00:08
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mranostayka6sox: btw idling 45C on the heatsink05:08
ka6soxokay good to know05:11
ka6soxis the HS glued on?05:11
mranostaythermal paste05:20
ka6soxthe FRI2 is a bit warm but its running nice in the car05:53
dm8tbrfor me the fri2 gets too warm to hold it longer than a couple of seconds in my hand05:54
ka6soxI have 2ea 20mm fans in series on it.05:55
ka6soxstays acceptable that way05:55
dm8tbraaah, well I tried passive cooling and it was standing free on my living room floor...05:58
dm8tbrand was idling most of the time..05:58
ka6soxI'm starting to make it work harder now06:01
ka6soxVNC is only about 8% so the display isn't too bad06:01
ka6soxI have plenty of time for the CAN and OBD stuff06:01
ka6soxmaybe Baboo can write a enyo app with BIG numbers.06:02
dm8tbris the can bus anywhere accessible on the FRI2?06:02
ka6soxI have an adapter06:02
ka6soxanyways...time for bed here...gotta see if baboo feels better tomorrow or make arraingements for him tomorrow.06:03
dm8tbrah, ok, because in theory the companion IC has CAN06:03
ka6soxya. didn't see that on the output06:03
ka6soxdoes the Minnow have that?06:03
* ka6sox looks06:03
dm8tbrif then on test-pins or sthg06:03
dm8tbrdunno about minnow06:04
ka6soxbut thats okay06:05
ka6soxooh...says it does CAN06:05
ka6soxmranostay, what size is it? 4X4 or 6X6?06:06
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mranostayka6sox-away: of the heatsink?13:57
ka6sox-awaythe entire board..sorry14:01
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mranostaydas_plague: you know?14:31
dm8tbrisn't that on the elinux wiki?14:40
dm8tbr - close enough?14:43
dm8tbrka6sox: 106.68mm x 106.68mm (4.2" x 4.2")14:45
ka6soxokay so we are going to "infer" it from the A-Type lure14:47
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ka6soxgiven the heat I'd rather go with type-C's14:54
ka6soxI am still confused about the automotive connectors (aka CAN for OBD-II) as I don't see them14:55
prpplagueka6sox: see them on what?14:56
dm8tbron the board14:56
ka6soxnever mind..the automotive cape explains14:56
ka6soxa CAN|UART chip onit14:57
dm8tbrthough it sounds like the can bus of the board would not be used, but instead a different chip14:57
ka6soxyes, thats why I was confused14:57
ka6soxI don't have enough doco for this to deterimine14:58
ka6soxa schematic would be helpful.14:58
prpplagueka6sox: the minnow does have a can bus controller, but not an onboard transceiver14:59
prpplagueka6sox: so you have to provide that14:59
prpplagueka6sox: along with the connector14:59
prpplagueka6sox: schematics should be going up by the end of the week14:59
dm8tbrka6sox: btw, the page even mentions dimensions :)15:00
ka6soxthe 1 sheet doesn't seem to15:00
ka6soxso I missed it!15:01
ka6soxI was missing it on the 1 sheet (the datasheet I mis-assumed)15:02
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bruceSo Mouser seems to be quoting the MinnowBoard at US$199, is that right?17:57
bruceI've just stumbled across the MinnowBoard, so forgive me if I'm way behind the times here.17:57
zenlinuxbruce, yep, that's the right price18:27
brucezenlinux: Thanks.  It'd be nice if that info was on  It looks like a compelling board in a lot of ways, and the price is not unreasonable for the amount of stuff it supports.18:30
bruceI hope it finds a niche, it'd be nice to not have the "bigger than an Arduino" dev board market taken over completely by ARM boards.  Variety is a good thing.18:31
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zenlinuxbruce, agreed. in fact I'll be updating the web site within the next 48 hours to include info on where to buy a Minnow, we've been waiting for our distributors to prepare order pages19:17
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