Tuesday, 2013-07-23

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* dm8tbr idly ponders if prpplague knows about the ease of https://support.google.com/drive/answer/8780914:42
* prpplague looks14:42
prpplaguedm8tbr: what would i use it for?14:43
dm8tbrI don't know, maybe an early adopters form?14:43
prpplaguedm8tbr: to do what? collect feedback?14:44
prpplaguedm8tbr: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/minnowboard14:45
dm8tbryes, I'm subscribed to that14:46
dm8tbrhard to discuss stuff without having played with the hardware though14:46
prpplaguedm8tbr: indeed14:49
prpplaguedm8tbr: boards are ready, still waiting on the "sales/marketing" folks to get the early adopter web page up14:50
prpplaguedm8tbr: ok so i just checked14:53
prpplagueany of the early adopters that want to purchase a minnowboard revA at reduced costs can email bob@circuitco.com14:54
prpplaguewe have a limited number allocated for this, so it is first come first serve14:54
prpplagueka6sox: got that?14:56
prpplaguethe early adopter price is $16514:57
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* dm8tbr ponders if at this point in time it's even worth it, as with shipping from the US it won't arrive before I start travelling for the rest of my vacation15:00
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prpplaguedm8tbr: going on holiday for a while?15:02
dm8tbrprpplague: yeah, visiting some friends in poland, then germany and then helping my parents move. will take up most of August15:03
prpplaguedm8tbr: wow15:03
dm8tbrhmmm, waterott has dangerously sexy stuff and free shipping that would probably get the stuff here for the weekend15:05
dm8tbroooh 802.15.415:07
ka6soxprpplague, I'm also going on holiday in 3 days...15:08
ka6soxso we need the EA page done before we can do this?15:10
prpplagueka6sox: no, just email bob@circuitco.com15:10
prpplagueka6sox: he'll make the arrangments15:10
ka6soxokay kewl..15:11
neofobwhat is the minimum/maximum clock speed of minnowboard? i'm thinking of fancy 3.10 kernel with tickless and all15:11
prpplagueneofob: max is 1Ghz without overclocking15:13
prpplagueneofob: iirc min is 320MHz15:13
neofobprpplague: thanks15:15
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Jayneilzenlinux: Angstrom-development-GNOME-image-eglibc-ipk-v2012.12-minnow-2013.05.24.img.xz is the latest Angstrom image, correct? Or any new images after that?17:54
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JayneilI have the Rev A board with me but it is not booting with this image.. so, just wanted to make sure I had the latest image..17:56
mranostayJayneil: hangs?17:57
Jayneilno, but nothing shows up on my serial console..17:57
Jayneilthe old version of board booted just fine..17:57
JayneilIt could be that the board still does not have the latest firmware..17:57
zenlinuxJayneil, the latest image is from early July, that's really old17:58
Jayneiloh ok..17:58
zenlinuxJayneil, I've thrown a bunch of files here until we can get our hosting solution worked out: www.zenlinux.com/minnow-early-adopters/17:58
Jayneili did not get any email about the new image.. can you please send me the link to the new image..17:58
Jayneiloh ok17:58
Jayneilzenlinux: Do you have the link to the pre-booted sd card image by any chance..? The one on your blog is hddimg..18:02
mranostayJayneil: yeah firmware fixed mine so that could be it18:09
JayneilI don't have the firmware programming wire on me.. I downloaded a june 17th pre-booted sd card image.. lets see if that works.. or else I will just borrow the wire from scott on wed. and update the firmware..18:10
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zenlinuxminnowboard.org updated, now has Where to Buy page w/ links to distributors20:58
zenlinuxNewark is listing MB at $284, which I think is a mistake. Notified Bob to follow up on that.20:58
ds2$284? heheheh20:59
ds2didn't they sell atom boards for like $50?20:59
ds2they in the generic sense, not Newark specifically20:59
zenlinuxnot sure about $50, but there are some cheap Atom PC motherboards out there. They're not embedded friendly and are definitely not 4.2" square.21:01
ds2ah so this is basically the PC104 rat hole?21:02
prpplaguezenlinux: sent21:22
prpplagueds2: what do you mean?21:22
zenlinuxprpplague, bob's already on it21:24
zenlinuxthanks tho21:24
prpplaguezenlinux: ok thansk21:25
prpplaguezenlinux: just trying to keep on top of things21:25
ds2prpplague: the standard embedded small PC form factor is PC10421:27
ds2and those things are $$$$$$$$$$$21:27
prpplagueds2: ahh right, wasn't sure what you ment21:27
zenlinuxwell, we have the opposite situation here. Minnow at $199 MSRP is a lot less than the $1k Atom E640 boards you'll find on Digi-key.21:27
ds2but $199 is more then most stanard mini AT sized MB's21:28
ds2PC104, picoITX, etc are all over priced21:29
zenlinuxpossibly has to do with volume, but if one of those mini ATs works for you, you don't mind using a massive power supply for them, etc, then by all means stick with them.21:30
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Jayneilzenlinux: See you at OSCON tomorrow!23:10
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zenlinuxprpplague, what kind of cable do I need to program the SPI?23:23
zenlinuxis it just a USB micro?23:23
zenlinuxno, I know what I need - I don't have a cable23:28
prpplaguezenlinux: you can use a flyswatter with an adapter23:29
prpplaguezenlinux: otherwise you need to use a dediprog23:30
prpplaguezenlinux: or you can use the efi flash tool from the efi shell prompt23:30
* zenlinux heads out for some oscon meetup stuff23:31

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