Thursday, 2013-07-25

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mranostaycalculus: !03:00
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calculusmranostay: !!04:36
mranostaycalculus: !!!04:41
calculusmranostay: !!!! (too many factorials)04:43
mranostayyou can never have too many factorials04:46
ds2even with the pentium FPU? ;)04:56
mranostayds2: shut up :)04:58
ds2mranostay: how hot and miserable is it up there?05:05
mranostayi think it got up to 32C today05:06
ds2wtf is 32C05:06
ds2oh. not that hot05:06
ds2is it humid there?05:06
* mranostay laughs at portland hot05:06
ds2how hot did it get in OH?05:07
mranostayspend a year in Alabama you'll know hot05:07
ds2I just know the chicago area summers05:07
ds2Ohhh right, AL hot :D05:07
mranostayds2: Ohio was hot during the summers but probably only 15 to 20 above 90F days05:07
ds2but above 90F at what humidity?05:08
mranostaymostly upper 80's during the summer05:08
ds2Chicago area has a few days of 90+ but at like 90% humidity05:08
mranostayMobile AL was like 100% RH all the time i swear05:09
ds2ooh. chicago is an averagebetween them05:09
mranostaywinters sucked too05:10
mranostaylived on the edge of the snow belt05:10
ds2winters where?05:10
ds2chicago snow isn't too bad usually05:10
ds2but is it cold?05:11
mranostaynear freezing for a good part of the winter05:11
ds2that's most of the midwest05:12
ds2it is probally less miserable then Montana/Wyoming/etc05:12
mranostayat least those states have cool sites05:13
mranostaynorthern ohio is flat and @#$@#$ing boring :)05:13
ka6soxprpplague, you said the minnowboard existed...and I believe that settles it.06:03
prpplagueka6sox: hehe06:03
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zenlinuxwith all this hot weather talk, sounds like going for a swim would be a good idea. ;)15:13
zenlinuxswimming with sharks? bah, try swimming with minnows15:14
koenbad tempered minnows with lasers on their heads?15:15
zenlinuxand razor-sharp teeth!15:18
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neofobcan minnowboard boot from a stock usb installation image such as debian wheezy or ubuntu?16:21
dm8tbrmhhh, it needs to be an image that can be booted through EFI16:23
dm8tbrbut possibly16:23
dm8tbrbut then again I don't have a board so I just guess16:23
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neofobso how the developers boot it up now? customized SD card?16:28
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neofobmranostay: it'd be nice to have an easy boot solution for cave man16:38
neofoblike down this iso, dd it to your usb stick, boot your board, done!16:39
* mranostay doesn't find the efi helper script that hard for the noobs16:40
mranostayyou can dd a efi image to the disk too :P16:40
mranostayuSD card that is16:41
neofobok, what linux distro does it boot/run now?16:41
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aholleran efi-bootable usb-stick isn't that hard to build16:49
dm8tbrneofob: that's what I did. I built an image, dd'd it to a usb stick and my FRI2 booted from it. easy ast that16:49
zenlinuxI may as well bring this up now.... we don't have any support for booting distros that don't support 32-bit UEFI installs. And that's pretty much all of the mainstream Linux distros.16:51
zenlinuxThey all have 64-bit UEFI support, but Minnow's Tunnel Creek CPU is 32-bit, and hence uses a 32-bit UEFI implementation16:52
zenlinuxSo we're working with getting the upstream distros to support 32-bit UEFI in the future, but for now folks are going to need to use Angstrom or a Yocto Project based distro.16:52
zenlinuxYou could re-spin Debian or Ubuntu yourself to update the installer, but that's mainly an option for power users who would be comfortable using Yocto anyway16:54
ahollerhmm, there is difference between 32bit and 64bit efi?16:55
ahollerdidn't know that16:55
ahollernever looked at the cflags when last played with efi. ;)16:56
ahollera stick which calls would be nice, if just bko didn't disappeared16:58
ahollerI liked it and missed why it disappeared. I assumed that was when got hacked16:59
ahollerbut you could build a small usb-image which does the same as bko. isn't that hard.17:00
ahollere.g. boot pxe from minnowboard.org17:02
aholleranyway, enough brainstorming ;)17:04
koenthere's an easy way out17:14
koenjust use the kernel uefi stub and a builtin cmdline17:15
zenlinuxkoen, send me some details about this (by email so I can start working it into some documentation)17:19
zenlinuxI want to know how I can go from a 32-bit USB stick with a recent Ubuntu on it and get that installed on a Minnow17:21
zenlinuxer, USB stick with a 32-bit Ubuntu17:21
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prpplaguedavest: ping17:46
koenzenlinux: iirc dvhart already put that in the readme17:49
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dm8tbrshouldn't booting that be just a shim EFI loader that then proceeds to boot whatever else from a second media19:41
dm8tbre.g. SD-card with shim, proceeds to boot an ISO that was written to a usb stick19:41
mranostaydm8tbr: that sounds rather cumbersome19:48
* mranostay is having one of those everything is broken days19:50
ds2isn't that the norm with x86?19:51
dm8tbrmranostay: isn't that quite common though? some EFI shim loads the syslinux loader. just that it's a amd64 efi shim20:02
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